The data shows that there were 15 security incidents in July, resulting in a loss of over 400 million yuan.

According to Chengdu Chain Security data, in the past month, various types of attacks and money-losing incidents occurred frequently, and a total of 15 typical security incidents occurred. These include: 1. A Dapp attack on the EOS chain, the main problem is still the random number problem; 2. There are 5 security events on the TRON chain, most of which are problems with the game contract, causing the attacker to pass back. Rolling the way to achieve profitable wins, or use the rules of the game to maliciously profit; 3. Decentralized exchange 0X protocol has a signature verification vulnerability, resulting in forgery of signature data for malicious pending orders. Many exchanges and wallets based on 0x protocol, including Radar Relay, Tokenlon, Star Bit, etc., have temporarily suspended trading services; 4. SOXEX exchanges run, with hundreds of millions of dollars, involving BTC, ETH, HT, OKB, etc. In the mainstream currency, TokenStore’s running funds have been partially transferred to the exchange for money laundering; 5. The $8 million BTC that was stolen by the currency has been transferred to multiple wallets by hackers, with the intention of transferring the BTC to the exchange through complicated coins. 6. Bitpoint Japan exchange, My Dash Wallet wallet, Trezor hardware wallet and other security incidents, including bitpoint hacked stolen $32 million token, My Dash Wallet wallet also caused tens of millions of user assets due to malicious scripts Stolen. In the statistic range, the loss of security incidents in July exceeded RMB 400 million. Judging from the situation in recent months, the security incidents exposed by exchanges and wallets are on the rise. Chengdu Chain Security reminds major exchanges, wallets and other projects to pay attention to security risks, do a good job in project security review, and use the power of third-party security companies to ensure system security and capital security when necessary. In the near future, the funds ran away, and the events such as the running of the exchanges occurred from time to time. Due to the huge amount involved in the road running, the number of victims was large, and the recovery of funds was difficult. I hope investors will keep their eyes open and invest carefully.