Jiao Dian, Vice President of Elite Education Group: “Blockchain+Education” can use the credit score system and the entire learning full link tracking

According to the pencil road news, on July 31, the pencil road "Children's Education Industry Summit" was held in Beijing. Jiao Dian, vice president of Elite Education Group, said in his speech that the blockchain is a solution to the problem of credit reporting. For example, when he was a child, he wanted to tamper with the homework. Now the assignment may be that the blockchain binding cannot be modified, not only to solve the credit problem, but also Has a superior membership system. He also pointed out that people have been discussing how technology subverts education, artificial intelligence + education, through data analysis, including face capture, sensor recognition to generate a report of learning power curve; blockchain + education, mainly using the credit score system and The entire learning full link tracking; AR / VR + education, mixed reality has a great breakthrough in both quality education and subject education; gamification + education, gamification can be combined with AR / VR, both are entertainment Educational process. These two business models will have new ideas.