Ethereum exchange ETHEX.COM hatched "Iver Mine" to pay tribute to Bitcoin to make mining back to 2009

From the momentum at the end of 2016, to the outbreak in 2017, to the winter of 2018, the blockchain has experienced unprecedented turmoil in recent years. After the big waves, the speculative blockchain entrepreneurs were eliminated by the industry. In 2019, it will become a year of blockchain rebound, and it is also a year for big players in the blockchain and digital currency fields.

As a digital asset trading industry, there are only a few “regular forces”. EthEx ( is supported by OKEx, the world's top trading platform, sharing OKEx's efficient matching system, secure hot and cold wallet service, and stable fund clearing system. , global customer service, the world's best transaction depth and liquidity, and sharing OKEx tens of millions of user data. EthEx focuses on the blockchain digital asset trading platform, which is aimed at global users, providing a safer, more convenient and more reliable redemption service for mainstream digital assets.


In 2019, after one year of careful planning and preparation by the EthEx team and the community, the first project of the Ethereum Exchange, Ivor Mines, was officially launched and supported IF/BTC, IF/USDT, IF/USDK transactions. Area.

Recently, interviewed the operation director of the "Iver Mine" project, and more information about "Iver Mine", please see the following QA question and answer:

Reporter: Hello, first of all, please briefly introduce the "Iver Mine".

A: This is a classic role-playing game that can be found on the fair and transparent chain, the competition is fierce and realistic, the gameplay is rich in market freedom, the model is perfect and full of emotions, and the Bitcoin mining industry chain is imitated.

The generation mechanism of Everest's points: the first landing scene in the series of ecological applications, is a classic sentimental, role-playing mobile phone and web game "Iver Mine" that pays tribute to Bitcoin's entire industry chain practitioners. This game is also one of the IF series of ecological applications (release is application). In the early stage, the game distributed a certain number of “mine mining machines” (up to a total of 100,000 units), “mines” and “mine machine manufacturers” to the community as a creation of fire, and strived to reproduce the entire mining of Bitcoin for the players. A wonderful experience of the process.

Reporter: I understand that IFTOKEN is the ecological certificate of "Iver Mine" . Can you briefly introduce its issuance and circulation mechanism?

A: IFTOKEN (abbreviation: iF Chinese name: Iver Points) is the world's first eco-certification system initiated by a fully autonomous community, based on blockchain technology development and application, and specifies platform points for ETHEX.COM. The amount is constant at 2.4 billion, 0 fundraising 0 pre-issued 0 reservations, and the “committee” generated from democratic universal suffrage in the community is its permanent and sole management and decision-making body.


The points will be distributed under the supervision of the community and the implementation of the “Committee”, all of which are distributed by the “value destruction” consensus mechanism based on the mining game , and strive to promote more efficient products through similar incentives in the blockchain. Collaboration and value transfer. As a proof of community rights and the cornerstone of construction governance, Iver points is the only fuel needed in a series of ecological applications. With the passage of time, the deepening of “mining” and the richness of product ecology, the more the integral circulation will be The less the value, the higher the value will be, and the aim is to rely on the community to achieve a perfect and value-based application of the idea of ​​a blockchain.

Reporter: What are the core gameplays of the "Iver Mine" project? What are the benefits that players can get in the game?

A: It's very simple. First register an IFTOKEN.COM game account, then go to ETHEX.COM to trade the IF, and mention the game account to exchange the mining machine, then host it to the mine just fine!


1 mine machine daily constant production of 24 points, miners do not need cumbersome operations, steady mining revenue, can be mentioned exchange transactions, can also be used for marketing, and in the Eve series applications, such as games, shopping malls, wealth management and other products Use circulation. As mentioned earlier, IF is not a simple simple game currency or platform currency, it is a circulation certificate in a complete ecosystem.

IF's issuance mechanism is the world's first classic sentiment to the Bitcoin mining industry chain. The role-playing mobile phone and web game "Iver Mine" is also one of the IF series of ecological applications. That is, the application) consists of three roles that complement each other and are played by the community players. They are:


Miner :

Go to the exchange to buy IF mentioned game platform to exchange mining machines, a mining machine can produce 24 coins a day, you can cash out at any time! It is also recommended to receive a reward of 12.5% ​​of the total daily output of the miners held by its members.


Mining machine dealer:

1 destroy 400,000 IF to obtain this identity; 3 of the first-level friends can get this identity;

Responsible for the production and sale of mining machines, the production of mining machines at the expense of the destruction of points, and the sales price is freely set by the mining machine. Under the supervision of the community, the “mine machine dealers” will destroy 100,000 points for each set of destruction (the “miner dealers” will destroy at least 100,000 units), and they will automatically produce 50 “mine machines” at a time. The entire area will be broadcast in the form of an "announcement" and a proof of destruction link on the blockchain will be provided.


Mine owner:

1 destroy 200,000 IF to obtain this identity; 2 promote income to 1000 points / day to obtain this identity;

Responsible for the centralized management and maintenance of mining machines for miners, which can charge 2~5 points/day/set for mining machines that are forwarded to the mine. The “Mine” can take up to 1000 “mineral machines”, ie: 24 IF per miner/Nissan. The “mine owner” can freely set a minimum of 2 IF to a maximum of 5 IF/day/set.

Reporter: There are endless opportunities for mining games in the market. What do you think are the core advantages and differences of Aifu Mines compared to similar projects ?

A: There are six main aspects. First, the game is rich in characters. "Aifu Mine" has: "miners", "mineral machine dealers", "mine owners", covering the three major roles of the upstream and downstream of the bitcoin mining industry chain in real life, and in the game by us The players will participate in the play, the division of labor is clear, complement each other, and work together to complete the issuance of iF.

The second is openness and fairness. iF is the official 0 reserved 0 pre-digging 0 fundraising, and all data links in the mining process can be checked, each coin is dug through the consensus mechanism, paying a high price, the actuarial team calculated, in iF In the issuance process, at least 0.8 iF is required to be destroyed in real money to produce 1 iF. That is to say, no single coin is produced out of thin air, including promotion of rewards. It is only a matter of drawing. It is not systematically distributed, it will not increase the bubble, it will be more decentralized and more valuable.

The third is the setting of the destruction mechanism. IFTOKEN's issuance mechanism is based on a set of valuable, playable, and effective mechanisms for the destruction of real money. Each link is closely related and requires iF as a fuel for consumption. For example, the production of the mining machine needs to destroy the iF, the identity of the mining machine company needs to destroy the iF, the daily operation of the mine needs to destroy the iF, the identity of the mine owner needs to destroy the iF and so on. Basically, for every coin produced, it is necessary to destroy more than 0.8 high cost.

Fourth, there is no project party, only technology providers. The project sponsor is the ETHEX.COM official of the Ethereum Exchange. The sole purpose of the project is to divert and build the exchange ecology. The technical service party has no extra profit points except for the fee income of the long-term flow, and there is no possibility of running. Moreover, if the tokens are not reserved and pre-digging, there is no possibility that the layers of money will eventually enter the pockets of the project. Because everyone owns a mining machine, there will be coins in the mining machine. If there is a coin, you can take it to the exchange to realize it, or go to the market to open the mining machine. There will be no money to pass through the project party. The project party only earns the corresponding procedures. Fees provide a stage where players can participate and compete freely.

The fifth is to promote rewards. Although the game's promotion reward is only one level, it has a daily intensity of 12.5% ​​per unit, that is, you recommend a mining machine, which produces 24 coins per day, and the recommender takes 3 and still There are “mine machine operators” and “mine owners” who have more lucrative characters than miners. Only when they promote players will they have the opportunity to get them for free.


Sixth is complete community autonomy. The Eve Community is a fully democratic and autonomous game player organization. The “Committee” generated by universal suffrage in the community is its permanent and sole management and decision-making body, which is responsible for all aspects of the project development direction and process. ETHEX is the technology provider. It only provides paid technical services without any legal responsibility. It is subject to the supervision of the community and the “Committee”. Without the authorization of the “Committee”, no one has the right to make any decision or carry out any measures. The interests of all people are best protected.

Reporter: What is your confidence in IFTOKEN? What is the logic of its long-term bullishness?

A: IF is first of all a value application system based on the blockchain pass-through economy. It will develop a series of diversified and highly viscous applications to support its long-term value. Secondly, IF is Ethereum Exchange. Platform integration. is the world's largest exchange OKEx linkage platform, with the world's top: matching system, security system, fund clearing system, global customer service, etc., the two exchanges share system data, French currency transactions, hot and cold wallets, User information, as well as security, technology, liquidity and transaction depth, all in one. Users do not need to re-register for authentication, OKEx account one-click login, which means that Ethex has a user base that covers the entire currency and tens of millions. The exchange fee income will be used to repurchase iF for destruction. It is the highest value platform share on the market today, and the exchange will take all future earnings.

The total amount of IF is constant at 2.4 billion and will never be issued. The project side reserves 0 for pre-excavation, which is absolutely fair and open. All of them are distributed through the consensus mechanism of “destroy mining”. The cost cost is about 0.8 yuan per destroy. One. Through various mechanisms and series of landing applications, the company will continue to destroy, the circulation will continue to decrease, the use of the scene will continue to increase, and the value will continue to increase. It is building an extremely deflationary economic ecosystem, which will eventually retain only 21 million.

Reporter: What other big moves or plans does Ethex have on the Ivor Mines project? What kind of blockchain project will eventually be built?

Next, the exchange will open a trading pair, support the incubation project, raise the iF to replace the recruitment eth, the platform business lock, the node lock, the user financial lock, the foreign currency fee repurchase iF to destroy, etc. The amount will decrease drastically. The first 51 institutions lock 10 million iF, you can become a partner of the exchange, enjoy a 1% share dividend.

It is worth mentioning that the company's main business is bitcoin mining. We have self-built mines in Xuzhou and Zhangye. The company has more than 60,000 bitcoin mining machines, and some of them are hosted in Inner Mongolia. In the mine, the company will combine its own advantages to launch a strategic upgrade of “holding IF and holding the BTC’s computing power” and “holding the Efco coin equal to participating in bitcoin mining ”. Therefore, IF will be more than a platform coin, game currency, and currency application currency, or a "computing currency", so please pay attention.

In short, Eve Community will cooperate with ETHEX to build an ecological strategy. All future ETHEX products and technologies will be operated around Eif Points, and efforts will be made to develop a series of diversified and high-viscosity applications to create a powerful and powerful environment. Aifu ecological closed loop, build a global ecosystem based on Ivers integral information and value exchange, achieve industry win-win in the blockchain era, and jointly promote the healthy development of blockchain and virtual asset industry.

Reporter: Does Aifu Mine have a promotion system or welfare? If the player is involved in mining, he is not satisfied with the current income and wants to get more.

A: Yes, but it is the same as all traditional formal Internet projects, such as Meituan, Didi, Alipay, etc., there are friends to share the benefits, and unlike some Internet dish projects, we only have one level, that is You can extract 12.5% ​​of the profit points from your friends' daily mining revenue. There is no multi-level, and compliance is the most important.