Zcash founding team responded with 20% tax payment: Zcash is worthless when setting the rules

On August 1st, Zooko Wilcox, founder and CEO of Zcash development team ECC, sent a message reflecting on the history of the foundation's operations over the past years and responding to 20% of the mining output entering the foundation for developers to use. He said, “I was at the beginning. I donated half of my Zcash assets, but at the time these assets were worthless. I didn’t know that Zcash would be so valuable, so I set 20% of the mining output to the developers because 20% was not worth it. What money.” When the project was established in 2015, the Zcash community agreed that 20% of the Zcash output in the previous four years was allocated to the founding team and another 80% to the miners. This distribution ratio has caused a lot of controversy with the increase in Zcash prices, which will expire in October 2020. Zook said, "All Zcash values ​​come from the holders. Because the Zcash community started using ZEC, it made ZEC more and more valuable, and the founding team can get rewards, and the foundation can get a donation."