The data shows that there were 16 typical security incidents in July, resulting in losses of nearly $60 million.

According to SlowMist Hacked, there were 16 more typical security incidents in July, resulting in a loss of nearly $60 million. Among them: Japan's licensed cryptocurrency exchange Bitpoint Japan hot wallet was stolen, the stolen currency involved BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, etc., causing a loss of about 3.67 billion yen; wave field super-run community, TokenStore, Soxex transaction The running funds of the projects have gradually shifted to the exchange to implement further money laundering; while the seven security incidents on the TRON chain are all transaction rollback attacks, developers should be alert to the continued spread of such transaction rollback attacks. There is a signature verification vulnerability in the decentralized exchange 0X protocol, which can lead to forgery of signature data for malicious pending orders. Fortunately, the repair is timely and does not cause actual losses. The slow fog safety team here reminds the project developers to take precautions against safety risks in advance and further enhance the platform risk control system. Recently, the fund and project parties have frequently missed the incident, reminding users to invest carefully.