ChainNode evaluation: sharp grid hardware wallet

Hi Here is the ChainNode assessment.

Today we bring this hardware wallet, called the Ruige hardware wallet. This is a product developed by a team from the traditional financial field. The company has presided over the research and development and marketization of several personal online security products such as bank U.S. banking U.S. shield, chip card, payment wearable, etc., and has accumulated some experience in the field of hardware security. This time into the hardware wallet field, whether the products developed are safe and easy to use, let's experience it.


The wallet's box is very lightweight, and it can be speculated that the wallet should be very lightweight. There is a sticker at the bottom of the box. Remember to look at it before you cut it. If there are traces of tearing, you need to check if it has been removed. Open the box, inside the hardware wallet itself and two accessory boxes, very streamlined. The box has a guide card, a mnemonic card, an after-sales card, and a type C usb line. The Usb line is common to Android's typeC line.

The wallet is a compact type, the whole is a steady black, the front is the display and the fingerprint reader, and the vertical drawing process has some texture. The upper right corner is the power button and the bottom is the typeC connector. The back is made of matte material, and the back frame is rounded for a rounded feel. The screen uses a 1.54-inch, 240×240 resolution touch screen. When the screen is in place, the inner frame blends with the screen to achieve an immersive experience. However, when the screen is lit, the inner and outer frames add up, and the overall frame will be wider. From a simple operating experience, touch screens are more handy, similar to Android phones. It's just that the power button is stiff on the hand and needs a lot of force to press.


After reading the overall appearance, we still return the focus to the safety of the wallet.

The security chip used by Ruige Wallet has passed fips140 and CCEAL4+ security certification, has a real random number generator, supports storage area encryption processing, and has the ability to resist semi-intrusive error-induced attacks, intrusive detection attacks, and intrusive DPA/SPA attacks. , with sufficient security to protect the seed and private key. When designing the wallet, it takes into account the protection from the system security, device access control, and service function. The key parts of sensitive information protection, PIN verification, transaction signature, and device power-on processing are involved. Related safety precautions.

In the process of using cryptocurrencies, every aspect that involves security is worth noting. Taking a random number as an example, if you know the algorithm and the seed, or the previous random number, it is possible to guess the random number generated next. Such random numbers can only be "pseudo-random", and the "true random numbers" we need are unpredictable, statistically significant, cryptographically safe random numbers. The wallet private key generated with a true random number is relatively safer.

<app and set wallet>

Hardware wallets generally need to be paired with a mobile phone. Scan the QR code on the "Welcome" card, or download the Sharp Wallet app from the official website and app store. Bluetooth communication is used between the hardware side and the mobile phone side, which is better than some NFC hardware wallets. Find the rigbox in the device list and bind it. When the first time you use it, initialize it, set the pin and fingerprint, and complete the wallet settings.

Enter the wallet app, you can see that in addition to the most important wallet function, it also provides access to the currency security and the fire currency exchange API function, you can directly use your own account to trade in the wallet. This is more in line with the needs of users at this stage than the conversion based on 0x and other protocols. After all, at this stage, the status of centralized exchanges is still irreplaceable.

Now let's experience the cryptocurrency delivery process. The collection process is very simple, you can open the QR code of the currency. When sending, you need to connect the mobile phone to the hardware side of the Bluetooth, and then enter the payment address, the transfer amount (very user-friendly, you can also directly see eth according to the valuation of the renminbi), the handling fee, click "send". Click OK on the APP to verify the fingerprint on the hardware side, and then carefully check the APP and hardware. The displayed amount and address are the same and accurate. After clicking Confirm, the transaction is sent out. The unlocking and transfer payment of the wallet can be quickly verified by fingerprint recognition. Fingerprint recognition and Bluetooth connectivity are the highlights of the Sharpe wallet. In the transaction process, the mobile phone and the hardware end interact through Bluetooth, and there is no wire binding, which is more convenient than a wallet that uses QR code and usb to transmit information. At the same time, Bluetooth is more popular than NFC, and the connection operation is similar to other Bluetooth devices, which is more acceptable to users.


This wallet experience is smooth, the first binding, creating a wallet will have a guide, for a friend who uses the overheated wallet can seamlessly connect. The private key of the wallet is protected by the CC EAL4+ security chip. In the process of sending and receiving transactions, the private key never leaves the security chip, and the wallet is secure. As for whether the wallet can maintain long-term security and stability, we look forward to the market and time to test. Currently, the wallet is not open source, but the official promises to gradually open source in the future. For the sake of long-term durability and security of the wallet, we hope that the official implementation of the code can be fully open source, and can continue to update the iterative system and software to instantly adapt to the ever-changing cryptocurrency market changes.

Today, the blockchain circle is not as small as it used to be. In addition to entrepreneurs in the circle, there are many companies in the traditional field to enter the business. The development stage of the industry has already advanced from the childish period to the growth stage. According to the development scale of Internet users, the prospect of wide application of blockchain is still very large, and the industry's biggest dividend period may not yet arrive. In the hardware wallet, there must be more companies to join, and the current industry pattern still has a lot of variables. As a product of traditional financial players, the first generation of hardware wallets can be simple and easy to use, and the experience is smooth, which is good. As far as I am concerned, it has certain competitiveness in the field of blockchain hardware and is a sincere product.