Grayscale tells you: How do traditional investors who buy stocks and bonds look at bitcoin?

In the rising cycle of Bitcoin, mainstream institutions and investors are often mentioned, which reflects to a certain extent the current mentality of mainstream Bitcoin investors who want to be recognized by mainstream investors. So why do mainstream institutions or investors buy bitcoin? And what are they because they haven’t bought Bitcoin yet? Perhaps a glimpse of the report from the joint release of Grayscale Investment and Q8 Research.

Grayscale Investment is a digital currency asset management company founded in 2013. If one day Old Money chooses bitcoin, then Grayscale is one of the most likely organizations to cooperate.

This report surveyed more than 1,000 traditional American investors. From these investors, we can see that the current anti-review, anonymity and other attributes that Bitcoin Holder like are actually things that traditional investors do not like. They need professional third-party agencies to tell them how to buy, need market education, need supervision, and so on.

There is still a huge gap between the current Holder and traditional investors that needs to be filled, and there is still a long way to go in the future.

The following is the full version of the report:


Report core core views

1. More than one-third of US investors are interested in Bitcoin:

Unlike many people think, Bitcoin is no longer a niche market. According to our research, 36% of US investors will consider investing in bitcoin, which means Bitcoin has 21 million potential investors in the US.

2. Bitcoin is no longer limited to the digital currency community:

At present, the portraits of investors interested in Bitcoin are not much different from the current portraits of ordinary American investors. Of course, investors interested in Bitcoin are a little higher in risk tolerance, but their political views, income levels and careers are not significantly different from those of a wide range of investors.

3. Bitcoin promotes investor interest in many aspects:

The vast majority of people who want to invest (83%) in Bitcoin say they can invest a little bit in a small amount to see how they will continue to increase their holdings. Most investors believe that Bitcoin has huge growth potential and scarcity.


Bitcoin is moving towards the mainstream

Since the first block was dug in the middle of 2009, the influence of Bitcoin has been expanding, and it has received the attention of mainstream users.

In the past, traditional investors have been dissatisfied with the conventional allocation of 60% of stocks and 40% of bonds. They hope to diversify their portfolios by investing in digital currencies. Grayscale Investments and Q8 Research conducted a joint survey of 1,100 US investors and found that more than one-third of investors would consider investing in Bitcoin.

This report compares all aspects of bitcoin potential investors' statistical research to make people understand what these people value Bitcoin and what makes them unacceptable.


Where is Bitcoin attractive?

For traditional investors, there are three main attractions for Bitcoin:

1. Low investment threshold

83% of investors think that Bitcoin can attract only a little bit at a time, so they can spend a little money to observe the trend to decide whether to increase investment.

2. Bitcoin has great growth potential

79% of users interested in Bitcoin think so

3. Scarcity value

75% of interested investors believe that Bitcoin is digital gold, it is a limited amount of assets, and all investors are actually competing for limited resources, so its value may rise

Grayscale believes that, like other alternative assets, Bitcoin is a good diversification tool. Studies have shown that moderate allocation of targets, including bitcoin, in the portfolio can improve overall portfolio performance, while risk only Slightly rising.

According to Grayscale's backtest, if you start from September 13th, adding 5% of Bitcoin to the portfolio of 60 global stock 40 bonds will increase the return on investment from 41.9% to 90.9%.


Potential bitcoin investor portrait

Who is an investor interested in Bitcoin?

They are younger and more risk-bearing than ordinary investors.

Contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin does not only apply to men, but the difference between men and women is actually not large. Most women (80%) and men (78%) who are interested in Bitcoin are attracted by the growth potential of Bitcoin. Both men and women (76%/77%) are aware that Bitcoin's investment cycle is arbitrary and can be invested at any time.

It is worth noting that women are more willing to learn more about Bitcoin. They say that the more they know, the more likely they are to invest in Bitcoin.

93% of women believe that if they have better knowledge of bitcoin knowledge, their openness to digital currency assets will increase, while only 84% of men think so, while 82% believe that if their financial advisers recommend them to invest in bitcoin, They are more likely to invest, and the ratio of men is 74%.

There aren't many specialities for people interested in Bitcoin. Most of them are middle-aged and middle-class. 70% of them already have children. In the past half of the year, they earned less than $100,000. They read a lot of books and are optimistic about the future. .

For these investors, Bitcoin is not a very risky asset. They believe that the risk is moderate and the potential is huge. 42% of investors believe that Bitcoin is both short-term and long-term.

We found that respondents interested in Bitcoin are more concerned with financial news.


Bitcoin VS Gold

Bitcoin is often compared to digital gold. It has the limited supply of gold and is not physically available. Here are investors' ideas about bitcoin and gold.

Currently, 69% of investors interested in Bitcoin also recognize the value of gold investment (55% of all investors), and 65% said they may or may invest in gold.

Obviously, for those who are not interested in Bitcoin, they are more willing to invest in gold. Hesitant Bitcoin and gold have similar currency attributes, which can make it a value store other than legal currency. This result is not surprising.

For example, investors who focus on wealth preservation may choose gold or bitcoin to protect their assets because of currency inflation and systemic risk.

Our research shows that there is a great similarity between investors who are interested in both.


The influence of Bitcoin is expanding, but investors are worried about a lot of problems.

Excluding investors who are completely uninterested in Bitcoin (34%), and 30% of investors remain neutral

These neutral and uninterested investors are mainly concerned about the following issues:

1. Hacking and Fraud: Exchanges are often attacked by hackers, and many investors have suffered huge losses, which makes them insecure.

75% of investors and 68% of interested investors are worried about Bitcoin’s use for digital crime

2. Lack of regulation: Some Bitcoin enthusiasts are reluctant to accept government regulation, but for ordinary investors, government regulation is important.

65% of investors and 53% of interested investors believe that Bitcoin needs to be regulated

3. Lack of education: Most investors think that their knowledge of Bitcoin is not enough, 89% think they need better bitcoin knowledge

4. Need guidance: Trusted third-party organizations that understand Bitcoin will have a significant impact on investors

78% of investors believe that if they have a similar role as a financial advisor, they will be more comfortable investing in bitcoin.

Our survey emphasizes that ordinary investors need financial advisors, intermediaries, and online educational materials to help them better understand and conduct bitcoin investments. Reasonable investment advice is very helpful to investors.

In addition, 65% are concerned about the volatility of Bitcoin, but financial advisors can appease their customers with appropriate asset allocations, allowing customers to make more diversified investments.


Investing in the future of digital currency

In the past decade, Bitcoin has evolved from a technology agreement to a mature, legal asset with a proven track record and diversified advantages.

Our survey shows that investors of different ages, genders, and income levels are interested in the strong return potential of Bitcoin, and they are eager to learn more.

Investors who are on the sidelines are either not well-understood, or are wary of risk and regulatory uncertainty, or are affected by digital crime.

But we believe that even these investors will change their attitudes if they receive targeted bitcoin investment education and focus on the true potential of this investment. They told us that they believe that the future is digital.

Bitcoin will exist for a long time.

Author: Grayscale Investment & Q8 Research

Translation: Wind Answer

Source: Orange Book

Editor's Note: The original title is: How do traditional investors who buy stocks and bonds look at bitcoin?