In July, the emerging stable currency accelerated the issuance of US$123 million, an increase of 13.9% from the previous month.

According to stable currency special page data: as of July 31, USDT issued a total of 432 million US dollars this month, the total circulation reached 4.115 billion US dollars, Tether also began testing the online USDT on the EOS main network. The total circulation of emerging stable currencies was US$1.008 billion, of which USDC total circulation was US$436 million, accounting for 43.2%, which continued to be the first; PAX total circulation was US$241 million, accounting for 23.9%, exceeding TUSD. Ranked second; the third place is TUSD, with a total circulation of US$207 million, accounting for 20.6%; the remaining stable currencies, DAI, GUSD, EURS, nUSD, EOSDT, etc., accounted for 12.3%, of which EOSDT circulation For the first time, it was added to the list of emerging stable currencies for $5.38 million. Overall: affected by the USDT hearing, the emerging stable currency in the past month accelerated the issuance of US$123 million, a 13.9% increase from the previous month, while the overall market share of USDT did not change much, from 80.6% in June to 80.3. %.