The Hollywood blockbuster "Cryptographic Currency" was released for 4 months without any interest? The director does not understand the blockchain?

"Cryptographic currency crypto" claims to be the first movie in Hollywood, and was released in the United States on April 12, 2019. The Chinese cinema has not been introduced. The IMDb score is 5.9 (below a movie of 7 points, the captain’s suggestion is not worth seeing). )! This article focuses on the cryptocurrency & blockchain knowledge mentioned in the movie.

I. Summary after the observation

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The film summarizes in one sentence:

A Wall Street anti-money laundering official who does not understand Bitcoin, with the help of a mining friend, found that his bank is not only in the currency (loss), but also 1CO (blood loss), and also uses bitcoin to launder money (big money), so the boss Reported to the FBI, after the company squid was fired, returning to the hometown, the story of mining while mining.

Yes, no surprise at all~~

Instead, it is like a escaping the first-tier city, pursuing a beautiful story of rural life.

Second, the cryptocurrency knowledge involved

The scenes in the film are set around June 2018 (I know so accurately? Because I saw the 7 thousand knives of Bitcoin), so the knowledge I have below is based on last year's price background.

Is this pig's foot? I think his mining friends are the protagonists. Not only do he teach him the knowledge of blockchain, but he also sacrifices himself to find out the truth. Finally, he leaves the mining machine and other assets to him. The protagonist has the rural life of mining.

Is this the bill for mining friends? NO, the director did not disclose the total assets from beginning to end, this is just a screenshot of the exchange page~

This is the first altcoin coin in the movie, Delta Coin, which was managed by Delta's investment company in London in 2015 (note: I think it is air currency, it is recommended to stay away).

There will be several kinds of cottage garbage coins in the movie. The financial helicopter reminds everyone not to buy, and buy it and be fooled. Wall cracking suspected that this movie was invested in these air coins~

In December 2017, the peak value of 20,000 US dollars for Bitcoin was not exceeded. There are 2 movies to give the answer, this is one of them, and the other one is mentioned in the following article.

The friend of the pig's foot thinks that the US central bank is manipulating, the purpose is to ruin the bitcoin ~ (amount, childish, too lazy to spit the scriptwriter).

The mining friend of the pig's foot was still a hacker, broke into the bank and found the 1CO investment record of Amway Bank (OMNIbank, the bank where the protagonist works).

As shown above, this is a quarterly investment by Amway Bank. In addition to buying Ethereum, there are some altcoins, and there are actually Chinese cottage air projects. However, I have to calculate this bill, a total of 12,739 US dollars! There will be so few big banks, it is estimated that it is the director’s own, and it’s used to fool the audience.

In addition, they also found that Amway Bank colluded with the Russian gray gang to wash money with bitcoin. Is this ridiculating Trump's collusion with Russia for bribery? Look at the picture above, this is a trading order, Amway Bank used the Russian ruble to buy 57.3 bitcoins off the court.

Later, the pig's foot friend was made by Russian gray gang, leaving the mining machine and wallet private key to the protagonist. I wonder why the director showed the mnemonic of the private key so clearly? So I opened the Bitcoin wallet and prepared to import the private key~

It turned out to be an invalid mnemonic. You don’t have to try again. This is the mnemonic written by the director himself. The last three words given in the film are not in the list of mnemonics. The director is not professional. Well, I can give it to an empty wallet.

There are a total of 2048 common English words in the mnemonic. For a list of all mnemonics, please refer to:


Well, the last pig's foot, from a bank anti-money laundering official in a big city, turned into a farmer lying on the farm to mine the speculative coins, and from time to time to open a Ferrari to the city to find his FBI girlfriend ~

So, after reading my introduction, in order to save your precious time, there is no need to watch this movie. If you want to watch movies with cryptocurrency theme, please pay attention to my next article, which will be related to Bitcoin & District. Block all the movies in the blockchain & cryptocurrency, make an inventory summary, and help you filter resources.

Author: Choi appearance helicopter