Warning: EOS quiz games LuckyClover and UnicornBet have been hacked and have been shut down urgently.

In the early hours of this morning, PeckShield security shield wind control platform DAppShield monitored multiple hackers to launch continuous attacks on EOS quiz games LuckyClover and UnicornBet, profiting thousands of EOS. After monitoring multiple games being attacked, PeckShield first contacted the project side to implement an emergency response risk control mechanism, which prevented developers from suffering greater digital asset losses. PeckShield security personnel analysis found that hackers used hard_fail and fake EOS attacks. PeckShield security personnel hereby reminded that developers must conduct security testing before the contract is launched, especially to eliminate the threat of known attacks. If necessary, they can seek assistance from a third-party security company to help them complete the pre-contract attack test and basic security. Defense deployment.