ZB Group Vice President Aurora: ZB LaunchPad is not IEO

On the evening of April 1, She Knows April Fool's Day special edition officially opened. Gate founder Han Lin said at the event that IEO is ICO, not a new thing, a new bottle of old wine. But ICO is a good way to finance, but it has been broken by some people, but ICO is returning to rationality this year. The letter CMO Xiong Yue believes that IEO is a step backwards than ICO, but there will be some more advanced places. There are many, many completely nonsense projects in the ICO mode, and the IEO mode will be at least better. ZB Group Vice President Aurora has clarified ZB LaunchPad: ZB LaunchPad is not an IEO, but ZB is a comprehensive currency service that meets the needs of users. Participating project parties usually sell tokens at a lower price than the pre-issued price. It is directly different from the IEO and is fundamentally different from the IEO.