The small BM slipped faster than the BM, and the ENU founder “killed” the project and called for the 砸

On August 1st, Aiden Pearce, the founder of Enumivo (ENU), who was once known as the "first coin in the currency circle" announced the project suicide, immediately canceled the Telegram community account and called on investors to sell ENU.

Enumivo's official website shows "Enumivo is dead, sell your ENU, never buy ENU. The whole project is controlled by some people who want to manipulate the price."

It is understood that Aiden Pearce started the related abandonment action as early as 2 months ago. On June 28th, he donated 200 million tokens due to the blockchain centralization problem.

According to the Shenzhen Financial News, the cause of the crisis in ENU is the irreconcilable contradiction between the founder and the super node, and the root of the contradiction is the problem of the governance mechanism.

According to media reports, the direct reason for the founder's departure is that one node controls 6 of the 21 super nodes and the standby node. According to the deep-chain report, this node is a Chinese named LEX. LEX said that it is just a friend relationship with the other five super nodes. "Our private key sharing, I can proxy them to vote, they can also vote for themselves."

However, in the eyes of the founders of idealism, this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated. In addition, the mechanism of “one vote, thirty vote, and no dividend” makes the alliance of interests between the super nodes, and the founders want to change the status quo. As a vested interest, the super node is hard to listen to the idea of ​​the founder to change, so it falls into a "no solution" situation.

Speaking of ENU, the Chinese community used to call it avocado. ENU technically, the code fork from EOS, the founder is Aiden Pearce, so from a technical point of view, ENU is almost a clone of EOS. Therefore, ENU was once called "poor version of EOS" and is a replica of EOS. ENU "inherited the EOS high-speed, no commission" and other characteristics. The founder is also known as the small BM.

ENU began airdrop on February 9, 2018, and distributed 400 million ENUs. Users only need to send 0 ETH to an address to receive ENU. The first user gets 4000 ENUs, and after each airdrop, the number of ENUs received by the user drops by 0.001%.

Earlier, Aiden Pearce said in an interview that the ENU project was created in order to better achieve fair distribution of resources because of unfair treatment. As an anonymous developer, Adien Pearce has not disclosed his personal information on the Internet at all.

Many people pay attention to ENU, except because it is the first empty coin in the currency circle, but also because ENU spoke a good story, introducing the concept of National Basic Income (UBI) into the blockchain, in the blockchain. The issue of UBI token has technically solved a series of problems such as openness, transparency, avoidance of intermediate links, and sustainability. Every individual, without any conditions, can receive a fixed UBI token every month from the ENU network. Compared to charity and targeted poverty alleviation, the release of UBI in the blockchain has led to an exponential increase in efficiency.

The National Basic Income (UBI) is not a very new concept. It seems to be a far-off proposition, but some countries are already practicing and achieving considerable success. UBI is not a subsistence allowance, nor a charity. It means that regardless of any conditions such as work, income, property, etc., everyone can receive a certain amount of money from the government or group organizations to regularly issue a fixed amount to all members to meet people's basic living conditions. For individuals, receiving UBI is unconditional and requires no commitment or certain conditions to receive.

The essence of UBI is that everyone enjoys the resources of the earth on an equal footing and enjoys the fruits of the development of human civilization for thousands of years. When human beings draw these natural resources and achievements of civilization, they are free. Therefore, getting UBI is like the natural right of everyone to breathe free air.

The news of the founder's departure caused the ENU to plunge for a short time. According to the Bituniverse data, the ENU token price fell by 11.9% in 24 hours, but according to one node, the 21 nodes of the ENU network are still operating stably, and the community nodes are still very I am optimistic about the future development of the project.

The ending of ENU also brought us some thoughts. It was once the most community-oriented project that the outside world was optimistic about. As a result, the founders now decentralized themselves, and people can't help but find that the small BM is faster than BM.

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