Zhang Yifeng in the banknote: the direction of open licensing chain is worthy of attention

Recently, Zhang Yifeng, dean of the China Banknote Blockchain Technology Research Institute, delivered a speech at the first FinTech Day blockchain sub-forum of Weizhong Bank: Where is the path of the next blockchain development going? I think the direction of Public Permissioned Blockchain deserves attention. Open licensing chain. Licensing, easy to understand, open, what exactly does it mean?
I think the first layer is data open. If the data of a blockchain application is isolated, it is difficult to bring more value. The second layer is open application, multi-application aggregation in a blockchain ecosystem, which is more likely to have the overlapping effect of business and value. The third layer is the openness of node access, which refers to the witness node, and the consensus node is selected by permission.
Of course, this is sometimes controversial, that is, whether the license-free access of the witness node should be allowed, can be explored, or explore the pros and cons through practice. However, the potential value of an open licensing chain has been valued by more and more organizations.