Cocos-BCX Chen Yuzhi: Blockchain will become the mainstream business model in the future

Babbitt reported that on August 2nd, the Global Blockchain Game Ecology Conference (GBGEC), co-sponsored by DappReview and CocoaChina, was held in Shanghai. Cocos-BCX founder Chen Yuzhi said in his speech that the future blockchain will become one of the core supporting capabilities for the rapid growth of the game market and digital content market. He also pointed out that there are three conditions for the blockchain to be truly deployed in mainstream games: First, basic needs, including a longer life cycle, greater transparency, security and fairness, supporting more people in the same room, In the same world and the same universe, users can synchronize progress and unify accounts on different platforms and devices. Second, user behavior. Video is the most mainstream leisure method today. The user's single game duration is decreasing. Users find that the favorite game is more difficult. The higher the value, the new hardware platform extends the game scene beyond the screen of the mobile phone, and the third is the business environment. Compliance is a problem that everyone must face. Building global product, R&D and community operation capabilities, blockchain The future is not a non-mainstream business model.