DappReview Niu Fengxuan: Only 20 to 30% of Dapp has more than 2 months of life cycle

Babbitt reported that on August 2nd, the Global Blockchain Game Ecology Conference (GBGEC), co-sponsored by DappReview and CocoaChina, was held in Shanghai. DappReview CEO Niu Fengxuan said in his speech that most Dapps have a short life cycle, with only 20 to 30% of Dapp having more than 2 months of life; less than 10% of real active users (several heavy users), but these users occupy 90% of the transaction volume; TRON and EOS are the most active spinach Dapp, ETH is DeFi, DEX and game Dapp; spinach Dapp has several characteristics: low development cost, potential high return, players have gamblers And speculative psychology, in addition to fierce competition, only 10% of the head Dapp can make money, need innovative gameplay and dividend mechanism to win. He also pointed out that the essence of the game is fun, the game class Dapp is the direction of the major public chain key layout, the prop standard is getting closer and perfect, the development tools are gradually mature, and the market is waiting for the birth of the next explosion.