Fight for economic freedom! Coinbase released a ten-year development vision on a tall

Brain Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, announced plans for the company for the next 10 years, and his speech was posted on the company's official blog .


Coinbase plans for the next 10 years

The main goal of the Coinbase team is to create economic freedom . According to Brian Armstrong, his company will set conditions under which assets cannot be seized without the owner's permission. In addition, the startup intends to fight corruption as part of the formation of economic freedom.

According to Coinbase, the development plan will work to eliminate several issues, including increasing population poverty. He also believes that the possibility of economic freedom will end the world war.

The CEO of Coinbase demonstrated the growth rate of economic freedom in his speech:


Source: Coinbase Official Blog

Brian Armstrong believes that technology solutions will be able to bring change and begin to show positive growth indicators.

He used the difference between South Korea and North Korea as a good example of the impact of economic development. Similar resources and geographic locations make a big difference between the two countries.

In the context of Coinbase's resources and technology solutions that can change the level of freedom in the world economy, Brian Armstrong calls these solutions the main areas of work for the next 10 years.

How does Coinbase set goals?

Brian Armstrong believes that the formation of a clear financial system is a key feature of the company's growth in economic freedom. He categorized key tools such as cryptocurrencies and smartphones. To explain this, he proposed the following:

· Cooperation with cryptocurrencies will help overcome the obstacles facing the currency;

· Users will be able to control their savings independently;

· The cryptocurrency will help fight inflation;

Blockchain-based operations will allow corruption to be combated.


Source: Coinbase Official Blog

The expert believes that to implement the program, the company's developers must provide users with the following tools:

· Acquire and store cryptocurrency;

· Earn and use cryptocurrencies;

· Create a new company using cryptocurrency.

Coinbase is currently developing an infrastructure that will provide a way to spread cryptocurrencies as an effective substitute for legal currency. As a prospect, Brian Armstrong identified work in the following areas:

· Increase the number of assets available to users of the Coinbase platform;

· Continue to promote existing Coinbase products in other countries;

· Clarify the interaction between people and cryptocurrencies.

He believes that the above views will create conditions for the popularization of cryptocurrency investment. At the same time, the Coinbase team does not intend to act alone. Experts hope to attract other companies to use digital assets to provide them with technical solutions.

So far, Coinbase has provided tools for traders, debit cards, educational programs, commercial technology solutions, etc., and offers opportunities to make money using cryptocurrencies.

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