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Since the beginning of this year, the DApp101 team has been paying attention to the underlying technology development projects of some blockchain games, including the previously introduced Enjin, Loom, ITAM, etc. The Cocos-BCX mentioned today is also a focus on blockchain games. The underlying technology development team.

As the most well-known game public chain in China today, Cocos-BCX has launched the test version 1.0 "Gang Rinpoqi" beta on June 6th, providing a high-quality game engine and friendly development for blockchain game developers. Environment and high performance game chain.

Cocos-BCX is at the forefront of the majority of the market in today's blockchain games. Founder Chen Yuzhi has more than 10 years of experience in the game industry, and has developed the well-known "fishing people" explosion games. He has represented "Time and Space Hunter", "I am MT", "Qin Shimingyue", etc. Well-known games. The Cocos open source game engine developed by Chen Yuzhi's team is the top three game engine in the world. Cocos currently has 1.3 million registered developers worldwide and 300,000 monthly active developers, with more than 100 countries and regions and 1.1 billion players worldwide.

Nowadays, the domestic traditional game market is increasingly saturated, the user dividend of the industry is gradually disappearing, and the homogenization of the game is becoming more and more serious. In this case, blockchain and new technologies such as 5G may bring new breakthroughs to the game industry? The Cocos-BCX team has a wealth of traditional gaming experience. As a result, DApp101 visited the Cocos-BCX team and conducted live AMA on the development of blockchain games.

The current status of blockchain games


DApp101: It is well known that the popular CryptoKitties in 2017 has given the traditional game industry a shot. Cocos itself is the market leader in the game engine, but it is also at this point in time to get involved in the blockchain. I am curious what you think about this. What happened?

Cocos-BCX : In 2017, "Encryption Cat" was launched. Two weeks later, "Encryption Cat" completed a 200 million-scale item trade. In addition to the officially sold cat, 300,000 cats were hatched by users. Can be recorded, which was not available in previous games.

The data explosion of "Encrypted Cat" exceeded the market imagination. After making an analysis and judgment, I think this is similar to the outbreak of the Internet in 2001. Blockchain+game is a market with opportunities.

The core reason is that the user bonus in China's game industry has ended, and the entire industry has entered a period of low-speed development. The game industry needs new technologies and users to support subsequent development .

Therefore, our team launched Cocos-BCX, which is positioned as the next-generation game digital economy platform. The goal is to create a complete multi-platform game running environment, which provides convenience and perfection for the development of blockchain game developers. At the same time, it also brings new game experience and game form beyond the past for blockchain game users. All the assets acquired in the game will belong to the users.

DApp101: After the popularity of CryptoKitties, a large number of chain tours have appeared. However, the current chain tour is mainly based on gaming, and the life cycle is short. Does this mean that the game has not yet found a new breakthrough? How does Cocos-BCX treat this phenomenon as a “foundation builder”?

Cocos-BCX : At present, there are staged reasons for the development of games in the market, and there are also reasons for the blockchain to have financial attributes. This does not mean that the game has not found a new breakthrough, but the industry needs to develop. time. And now we can see the evolution of cells like the pure white matrix, LastTrip, you can see NeoWorld, EosKnight, you can see the blockchain games like Snake , which are all available in blockchain games. Direction of development.

As the next-generation gaming digital economy platform, Cocos-BCX will provide the industry with a public chain that specializes in blockchain games, easy-to-use blockchain game development tools, and industry-ready standards such as the BCX-NHAS-1808 standard. The digital asset standard will also help potential, thought-provoked, and planned developers to better develop blockchain games through developer programs, and work with eco-partners to promote the development of the blockchain game industry.

DApp101: 18 years later, EOS, TRON, NEO, ONT and even IOST, etc., almost all public chains are working on the game DApp, what does this mean?

Cocos-BCX : This means that the current game is one of the most convenient and most traffic-oriented directions in the blockchain. Everyone turned to the game DApp because everyone needs to use the game to draw popularity and bring more users to the public chain. Similarly, such concepts as DeFi and Staking will have the same supporters.

Cocos-BCX will stick to the field of blockchain games and do it longer, so that our value is truly reflected.

Ecological construction of Cocos-BCX


DApp101: Cocos-BCX actually had some achievements in traditional games before, and it should have certain advantages in technology. Would you like to ask what breakthroughs in technology at this stage? What are the public betas of this test network that we can look forward to?

Cocos-BCX : The Cocos engine has achieved the world's second place in the traditional game field, second only to Unity, with 1.3 million developers, and now officially announced the beta of 3D development capabilities. These accumulations have positively promoted the eco-derived Cocos-BCX. For example, the blockchain games currently on the market are almost all developed with the Cocos engine. Cocos Creator also supports the mainstream public-chain SDK plug-in, supporting the game on one button. chain.

Cocos-BCX itself is building the industry's best chain-chain development and operational solutions, while continuing to explore games, blockchains and even 5G, cloud integration , at the Graphene Conference, Cocos-BCX Chief Technical Consultant It explains in detail the concept of Cocos-BCX building a new game ecosystem based on new technologies such as blockchain and cloud:

Blockchain and cloud technology can complement each other in the game field. On the one hand, it can greatly reduce the resource overhead of the blockchain system, and provide a more reliable container for games and applications. On the one hand, it can also fully utilize blockchain technology. Advantages in areas such as circulation, fairness and transparency. The above solution combines the advantages of layer-2 and TEE technology to achieve a safer and more efficient game environment under the chain trust mechanism provided by the Arcadia framework. The chain and cloud technology will be combined into a user-oriented virtualized game running container in the future. Provide users with a variety of game services that are not limited by terminal performance.

Back to this test network beta, Cocos-BCX will continue to improve its own technology, but also through the ecological partner approach, and the industry's various well-known projects, such as bitter, slow fog, pure white matrix, DappReview, etc. Full and continuous cooperation brings many chain links, tools and solutions to the blockchain game ecology.

DApp101: What is the current ecological development of Cocos-BCX? What resources does Cocos have in the traditional field to create blockchains?

Cocos-BCX : Cocos-BCX ecological construction has been steadily advancing, including the beta test. In the two weeks announced, Cocos-BCX received hundreds of applications from eco-partners, Cocos-BCX on July 10 On July 25th, the first batch and the second batch of 50 eco-partners were announced. The fields cover wallets, chain tours, tools, communities, media, and KOL. The third batch of eco partners will also be Recently announced. In addition, the BCX-NHAS-1808 standard such as Cocos-BCX itself has been jointly promoted by TRON, NEO, ONT, Zilliqa, etc. It is already one of the most popular non-homogeneous digital asset standards in the industry .

Cocos-BCX integrates the Cocos engine in the development environment. Developers can develop the corresponding games through the Cocos engine, and give the corresponding blockchain features of the game development through Cocos-BCX. The Cocos engine accumulates in traditional games and games on the cloud. The exploration will also give Cocos-BCX support to varying degrees.

DApp101: There are already many partners on Cocos-BCX who are developing related games. Can you tell me what games are currently being developed and are under development or co-developed with Cocos-BCX?

Cocos-BCX : There are a lot of game teams that have cooperated with Cocos-BCX at present. In the test network stage, you can see that games like Snake , CocosShooting, etc., which have already been online, can also be seen.

In addition, you can also look forward to our eco-partner pure white matrix, BLOCKLORDS, CardMaker, GPE, YuyeGame will bring us the blockchain game.

DApp101: I think you have invested pure white matrix and DappReview very early. What is the investment logic behind you, and what kind of team do you prefer to vote for?

Cocos-BCX : The first thing we should vote for is 90, and the second one is a team that is studying abroad. Third, in fact, when I voted, they basically did nothing, but they have one thing in common, that is, there has been an award-winning product.

We prefer the kind of team that is able to sum up effective methods earlier than others in a fast-changing market and be able to evolve faster than the market. Because you can't wait for someone else to do it, but do something that others haven't done.

Game assets: the key to blockchain empowerment


DApp101: At this stage, there are many teams focusing on the underlying technology of chain travel, including Enjin in Ethereum, Loom side chain and ITAM on EOS. Mythical Games is also promoting the dGoods standard on EOS, compared to the relative community. Supported in the development of the public chain, have you encountered any challenges in the development of the Cocos-BCX public chain?

Cocos-BCX : The blockchain market is still at a very early stage, with very few users and developers entering. Therefore, we do not believe that there are too many competitive relationships with other projects that focus on the direction of the chain . We hope that everyone will do this together.

Specifically, in the development of the public chain, in addition to doing some special functions for the game scene and the security and robustness of the public chain, we always consider two points at the core:

  1. How to lower the developer's development threshold

  2. How to reduce the user's entry threshold

Focusing on two issues, we have done a lot of work from economic system design, integrated development environment, and development documentation .

DApp101: As mentioned in the previous question, in fact, there are a lot of teams that are advancing the underlying technology, and there are more and more standards for game props. For example, because EOS is developed late, it is not uniform enough in the development of game asset standards. Will affect some of the player's gaming experience. Does Cocos-BCX think that these game asset standards will gradually become more and more dispersed in the future? Can you specifically talk about the concept of props "crossing" that Cocos-BCX mentioned in the white paper, how was this idea born? What changes will this bring to the past gaming experience?

Cocos-BCX : The development of game asset standards, we believe that it will not be completely unified, nor will it be excessively dispersed. Instead, there will be a limited number of large unified standards. These standards should also have certain interoperability.

When we designed asset standards, we incorporated our experience and thinking in the gaming industry for many years. In fact, in the traditional game field, such as Blizzard's Warcraft, there is first Warcraft. The player created the original Chenghai 3C gameplay with the support of Warcraft's editor, and later derived DotA, later DotA2. Blizzard itself also created a follow-up game of World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and other similar worldview games.

After the player is familiar with the world view of a game and the characters in it, it is easy to accept the game of different gameplay under the world view. The whole process of forming a big game ecology will make the game have a longer life span.

We saw that after the "Encryption Cat" was on fire, some people also directly made a "Encryption Cat" battle game, directly borrowing the "encrypted cat" ready-made game assets. However, the expression ability of ERC-721 in this block is relatively weak. We have a richer expression of the BCX-NHAS-1808 game asset standard designed for this issue.

We borrow the concept of parallel worlds and propose the concept of “crossing” of worldviews and props, which is to provide the underlying technical support for building a game ecology.

In addition to the world view and props "travel", BCX-NHAS-1808 can also achieve the synthesis of props. The separation of prop ownership and usage rights can enable more complex game asset business, such as leasing, mortgage, etc. It is also possible to place a consignment consignment directly on the chain.

These rich features give developers a great boost in the development of blockchain games, and can also reflect the blockchain's empowerment of games.

Facing the future of traditional game chain games


DApp101: Nowadays, the chain games are relatively small games on the mobile phone or the webpage. I have not seen a game like the traditional mobile game or competitive or need to spend a lot of time to "liver" to form a character. You think that as Is it necessary to make a chain tour for the different types of mobile game representatives who are more successful today, such as the competitive nature of the King Glory and the FGO of the moon?

Cocos-BCX : First of all, we need to be clear about one thing. Not all games need blockchain transformation. The meaning of blockchain on games is more reflected in the game's economic model and trust mechanism , such as games. The form of expression, the feeling of user experience, etc., need more cooperation with hardware and software such as AR, MR, 5G, and cloud.

The same aspect of the king's glory and the monthly FGO, the game characters, skin, etc. can be made into non-homogeneous digital assets, retained in the player's wallet, but whether the game ultimately needs to be chained, or the relevant development team and players The voice of the community is determined .

DApp101: When do you think there will be a more complex type of competitive chain tour? Where are the main challenges?

Cocos-BCX : As with the previous question, game developers need to know which part of their game requires a blockchain, and the part of the blockchain is handed over to the blockchain, and other parts of the technology need to be handed over to other technologies.

There are no more complex types of chain games. More problems are in the game development cycle. The survival pressure of the blockchain game development team makes them need to make games in the short term to survive. Complex games. The cost is more and the user acceptance is difficult to predict. This is one of the main dilemmas.

DApp101: With the saturation of the game market, the competitive pressure between games is now growing. In recent years, it has rarely seen the explosion of mobile games. Most of the explosion games are monopolized by big manufacturers, and success is not accidental. Then in this highly competitive environment, how do you think the chain tour will overtake in the future?

Cocos-BCX: This problem needs to be analyzed from the perspective of the development path of the game industry, from the perspective of liquidation, product model and revenue model.

The first is the monetization method . Small games (non-H5, games based on Runtime-like performance similar to native game performance) currently account for 85% of revenue from advertising, or a higher percentage. Users like to play a game, want to play a few more levels, want to resurrect, want to get a score, and want a better looking skin, then you need to watch 15 seconds, 30 seconds of advertising. The higher the DAU of your game, the higher the retention, and the higher the communication ability, the higher the CPM price you can get for the advertising.

Or you have multiple products that can be inverted by matrix, or you have a strong split index, and some people have already entered 100 million yuan per month in this advertising monetization mode. However, this model has problems of imitation, plagiarism, and infringement.

Followed by the product model , GDC Google officially launched the cloud game console Stadia in 2019. In fact, only users who want 4K HDR 60-frame panorama sound need to buy this host. The Stadia Cloud Game Service supports all end devices, from mobile phones, Chromebooks, TVs to Pads, with a 1080P 60-frame 5.1-channel one-click entry to the cloud gaming experience.

And Google has a clear definition of the future of cloud gaming:

a. Cloud game technology is based on cloud computing, all of which trigger coordinates because only the virtual buttons of the screen are uploaded. Therefore, all terminals are just a handle. The “Millions of Chickens” 1 million people in the same world view, the same group, the next 10 million large MMO (the number one player) can look forward to. When a world (a group of users has a larger number of users), the user has the ability to enter and exit, the balance of the game after the social, ecological, open economic system will bring better support for the game's life cycle.

b. With cloud gaming technology, the entire Internet will be your game store, a circle of friends, a video, a link, you can enter any scene of the game anytime, anywhere, any device. User acquisition costs will drop dramatically, and can be said to be relatively low-cost acquisition users for longer periods.

c. Today's game anchors are very important, so there are a lot of cloud players like me. And in the cloud game mode, you can go directly to the level of the anchor, even with the full set of equipment and level of the anchor to cool. This will make a big difference in the way the content marketing is done in the future.

A larger user size will result in a change in product model, which in turn will lead to new payment models (subscriptions), the importance of items and the extended life cycle of the game, the market for items in the open economy, and the precipitation of in-game social relationships. This will encourage developers and players to gradually stand on one side, and everyone will improve products and continue to fill high-quality content.

Finally, the income model . The data for the ETH "Encryption Cat" in November 2017 is amazing. Based on the non-homogeneous props NFT, the Tokens generated on the chain can be separated from the centralized management of the game and the R&D side, exist independently, can be used across games, and can be on the underlying chain of transaction friendly regardless of the public chain or alliance. Fast circulation and instant settlement, multi-party accounting are completed on the chain.

For example, Tencent's "Catch the Demon Together", I am very much looking forward to seeing that the high-end monsters that users get can be enabled again in Tencent's next gameplay product that supports Tencent's own alliance chain.

Think of 50 million users, even if 5 million users have high-end props, the next product can be used directly by these items, and map levels, weights, and images. The developer can limit the props through a portion of the early release, allowing the player to form expectations and needs. In the follow-up, profit from the rise and fluctuation of the price of the item. Of course, it is not known that it may become a way to cut amaranth. But at least the player also has the right to profit and the right to choose.

In summary, it is not the chain tour in the future how to bend overtaking, but in the game industry, the future game content market wants to succeed into the super content mode, a very successful game will become super content. User communities, content development, infrastructure, and even dedicated hardware (MR) form a self-looping ecosystem. Developers, players, operators, and platform parties will agree on a big interest chain. That's why many teams are referring to Roblox because it looks more like the prototype above.