Pure white matrix Wu Xiao: Cross-chain technology can achieve a thousand links to form a leek alliance

Babbitt reported that on August 2nd, the Global Blockchain Game Ecology Conference (GBGEC), co-sponsored by DappReview and CocoaChina, was held in Shanghai. Wu Xiao, CEO of pure white matrix, said in his speech that cross-chain technology can change the game industry in four aspects. First, it is disruptive. The major companies are closed to each other and linked one-sidedly, but cross-chain technology can make different games and different chains. The second is to break the information island, the current blockchain is equivalent to the local area network, the information between the chain and the chain is closed, and the logic, information, data and data are different from each other; the third is the thousand-chain one, cross-chain The alliance chain, the public chain and the license chain can be opened to realize the integration of the thousand chains; the fourth is the amaranth alliance. Because the roles, data and props are all connected in series, the information sharing and circulation are opened, which forms the situation of the leek surrounding the giant.