DappReview CEO Niu Fengxuan: 10% of Dapp users account for more than 80% of the transaction volume

Babbitt News, August 2, the Global Blockchain Game Ecology Conference (GBGEC) co-sponsored by DappReview and CocoaChina was held in Shanghai.

In the morning session, DappReview CEO Niu Fengxuan delivered a speech entitled “The Status and Development of Dapp in 2019 from Data and Industry ”.


Niu Fengxuan first shared his understanding of the blockchain game field in the past year from his own experience. "Last year we started to do Dapp data platform, met a lot of developers, and many people communicated with us how to do a good job. Blockchain games, how to make a good product. I will see them again on WeChat this year, at least half of them will be shuffled out, and half of them have become the best in this circle this year, although It’s still a long way from making big money and being successful, but they are already the pioneers or leaders in this industry.”

In terms of both the public chain and the category , he summarized the development of Dapp in the first half of 2019. As shown in the following figure, the current mainstream public chain is still dominated by ETH, TRON, and EOS, and the new generation of public links including IOST and ONT are also layout DApp.

"The three major public chains have an average of nearly 200,000 active addresses. Compared to mobile games and end-games, this data is negligible. On the one hand, a game online application store or Google Play can obtain dozens of ways to optimize the ranking by buying. Tens of millions of users, on the other hand, there are a lot of people in the 200,000 data."



Niu Fengxuan showed the life cycle of Dapp on the three major public chains. As shown in the following figure, the number of Dapps with a life cycle of more than two months only accounts for 20-30% of the total , while Dapp with a life cycle of less than two weeks accounts for 30%. He believes that the reason for this phenomenon is that

“The quality of the content itself is relatively poor. Most Dapps are experimental and cannot meet the needs of users. Therefore, after one or two rounds of heat, there is no more. Only when solving real needs or having their own gameplay can they live for two months. the above."


Niu Fengxuan stressed that although there are 200,000 active addresses every day, after "squeezing out the water", it is found that there are 4-8 thousand active users in one chain. Although the amount of users is very small, its ability to pay is very strong. He pointed out that the average per-capita spending of 10-20 yuan is already high, but the per-capita consumption of blockchain games can reach hundreds of thousands.

He shared an interesting story at the meeting.

The experience of consuming tokens and consuming currency is not the same. Last year, there were no more than 5 Ethereum games for playing crypt cats . This year, there was a very beautiful and limited hand at the show, selling 400 dollars, I think it is very expensive. But I think, 400 dollars is less than two Ethereum, it is not very expensive. I found that many users who play DApp are in such a dilemma."


He pointed out that a small number of Dapp heavy users accounted for the vast majority of transactions. On ETH, the most active are DeFi, DEX and game Dapp; on TRON and EOS, the most active is spinach Dapp.


Niu Fengxuan summarized the development of spinach Dapp , which has five aspects:

First, the ratio of input to output is high, the development cost is low, and there is potential high return. Second, most players have speculation and gambler psychology; third, competition is fierce, only the head Dapp is profitable; fourth, security issues are frequent ( Millions of EOS or tens of millions of TRXs have been stolen); Fifth, innovative gameplay and dividends are needed to win.

He also summarized the development of the game-like DApp. He believes that this year's game-like DApp has made great progress compared to 2018, such as:

In terms of gameplay, there is no gameplay to more complicated game logic; from art, from rough game, no effect to relatively fine art and animation; playability, from no game to playability; From pure web pages to H5, native apps.

Despite this, the game DApp still faces many challenges. "Most DApp users are also users of the currency circle. Users in the currency circle have strong speculative psychology. The most intuitive example, sometimes you enter a DApp group. In the new user, I will directly ask this DApp game whether I can make money. If I can make money, I will play it. If I can’t make money, I am sorry that I play something else. This is very embarrassing, but it is indeed the current situation.”


At the end of the speech, he pointed out the future development opportunities of the game class DApp .

First, Dapp is the direction of the major public chain layout; Second, the prop standard is closer to perfection. A series of standards allow the game to have more tools to build more functional and valuable game props on the blockchain. Third, the development tools are gradually maturing.

He said, "The whole market, my understanding is that everyone has been waiting for the explosion. The concept of the explosion is that it is a reproducible, monetizable game, whether it is innovative in some gameplay or economic system. A road, this explosion allows a large number of people to iterate, imitate, and create a new wave of opportunities. There are some explosions that can be introduced to mainstream players, not just by speculatively attracting these people into the currency circle.