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Algorand Foundation announces a 155% discount on the auction price of 25 million ALGO tokens

Algorand Foundation sends:

The Foundation launched a repurchase of up to 2,500 ALGO tokens. As an alternative to the 90% return mechanism, all users participating in the first AlGO auction may receive an auction price of 85% next week (Note: the first auction price is $2.40, the auction number is 25 million ALGO, and the cumulative auction amount is 6000. Wanmei) returns ALGO to the Foundation.

Participants are required to return the ALGO token to the designated wallet by August 9th, and the clearing refund will be returned on August 23.

Affected by this news, ALGO tokens surged 60% in the short term.

In this regard , Dovey Wan commented:

For those who (participate) in the first auction, if you give up 90% of the refund right a year later, Algorand can now offer an 85% refund within three weeks and cancel the planned auction.

If the distribution becomes so dramatic and unreliable, I don't have much confidence in all other aspects, let alone "code is the law."

Square quarterly bitcoin sales increased by nearly 100%

According to Coindesk, Square sold $125 million in bitcoin through Cashapp in the second quarter of 2019, nearly double the first quarter (sales $65.5 million).
According to the performance report, this quarter, due to the increase in bitcoin prices, sales increased significantly and generated a profit of 2 million US dollars.

Enthusiastic fan Kevin Rooke commented on:

Square customers purchased $125 million worth of Bitcoin on the Cash App last quarter.

The chart below shows the quarterly revenue growth of the Square Bitcoin business for the fifth consecutive month, with an annual growth of 237%. It’s going to be heaven.

British investor and entrepreneur Alistair Milne commented:

Of all the bitcoins newly mined in the past three months, 7% were obtained through an APP that did not exist two years ago.

Let it continue to happen.


Summary of the big event last month

Trader Rhythm:

Bitcoin last month (big event):

– Hash computing power is high

– Isolation Witness uses a new high

– US President Trump Twitter talks about Bitcoin

– Congress tried to organize Libra

– The Fed chairman compares Bitcoin to the same value store as gold

– Bakkt started user testing on July 22

– The Congressman’s hearing called Bitcoin “unstoppable”

– Iran legalizes mining and treats mining as an industrial activity

– Bank of China has published an article introducing Bitcoin


Silicon Valley top venture @a16z will place bigger bets on encrypted assets

1, Brave official Twitter said that the desktop browser launched today has a Twitter reward function, users can enable the Brave reward, click the "tip" button to directly send the corresponding amount of BAT tokens to the author of the tweet.

2, BitTorrent officially said that the United States time on the early morning of August 11, will start the seventh round of BTT airdrops, giving TRX token holders an air test of 990 million BTT tokens.

3. According to Coindesk, after the US Commodity Exchange Futures Commission (CFTC) issued a statement about the lack of formal approval of the product, LedgerX admitted on Thursday that they have not yet released a bitcoin futures contract product for physical delivery.

On this issue: March only hope, as a birthday with their own IP blocks from the media chain, block chain multiple programs, book author, block chain practitioners and investors.