Capital events black swan frequently, the marginal effect on BTC is weakening

The capital market black swan frequently appeared. Last night, the US president announced that he would impose tariffs on China’s remaining $300 billion in goods on September 1. The US stock market turned sharply. The Dow Jones index reached 600 points. The rapid rise of gold regained lost ground, but gold did not create This is a new high in the current round of rebound. This is a warning that the cryptocurrency market represented by BTC has risen collectively. However, we also see that the overall volume of the market has not been simultaneously amplified. Is this increase sustainable?


After the breakthrough of the BTC's 4 hour triangle end, it rose to the vicinity of the mid-rail trend line of the downtrend channel of the previous period of 14,000 US dollars. After the momentum, it again broke the middle rail again last night and rushed to the highest level of 10,500 US dollars and then fell back to the current 10400. Near the US dollar, the overall trend is stronger than the rest of the mainstream currency. The MACD fast and slow line is rapidly diverging upwards. The insufficient amount is that the quantity energy is not simultaneously amplified. The sustainability of the increase may be limited. The indicator shows that it has entered the overbought area and is expected to return in the near future. If you step on the middle rail support, if you can't break it and the amount can keep up, then the next big chance will be to attack the next resistance of $11,000 and support $10,200.


ETH has gone out of the trend of two yang clips and one yin. This is a typical bullish trend. The trading volume is slightly lacking. At present, it has successfully stood on the 20-day moving average, and the macd indicator is weak in the region. Pay attention to whether the subsequent volume can exceed 225 USD. The important pressure level, if not, personally believe that the target will still oscillate within the range of 190-225 US dollars, can be low-suction near 190 US dollars, if the volume exceeds 225 US dollars to increase to 260 US dollars, once again fell below 5 antennas to lighten up , fell below the $ 190 to wait and see.


BCH is still in the rebound structure, it is close to the high point of the previous rebound. Observing whether the point can break through the volume, it is currently running up along the 5 antennas. I think the pressure level of breaking 330 dollars should be a high probability event, with the previous two. Like the target, the volume has always been an important reason for restricting its rebound. When the volume is released, it will break through the pressure of 330 dollars. I think if the target can break through 330 dollars, it will at least rise to above 345 dollars. If the price falls below the 20-antenna moving average, it will be bullish and will leave the market.


BNB has rebounded for three consecutive days. Today, it is blocked by 20 antennas. I personally think that the downward trend of BNB has not yet finished. The moving average system keeps short positions. The macd indicator repeatedly repeats the golden cross in the weak area. The indicator has to go above the zero axis. Strong pointer meaning, the target's rebound is up to 60 antennas nearby, and will continue to return to the point after rebounding to the point, unless the target directly stands back to 60 antennas and makes the 60 antenna head up. More, otherwise the target is still a bottoming path, and the previous low of 24 US dollars does not constitute an effective support, and will continue to test, the next support is around 21 US dollars, pay attention to observe the support of this point The target has a large increase in the previous period, and the space for the fall is also large, paying attention to risks.

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