Huang Bijuan, CEO of HSBC Greater China: I am actively trying blockchain technology and hope to use it for cross-border trade in the future.

Recently, HSBC Greater China Chief Executive Huang Bijuan said in an interview that HSBC's positioning is different. As an international bank, the main advantage lies in cross-border services, and cross-border business involves many new foreign products or compliance aspects. In this regard, HSBC can share its own experience and hope to become a benchmark for the market. HSBC is increasing its investment in science and technology in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. Huang Bijuan believes that the first is retail, how to provide customers with more convenient services? For example, opening an account or a mortgage can now use a tablet to implement a digital service. An online service for artificial intelligence assistants has been launched for both public and retail businesses. In addition, HSBC is also actively experimenting with blockchain technology and hopes to use it for cross-border trade in the future.