OKEx Announcement: The fifth batch of the TOKEN transaction pair list will be deleted and will be closed at 12 o'clock on August 5th.

According to the official announcement of OKEx, in order to improve the liquidity of the platform ETH trading area and the OKB trading area, and improve the trading experience of users in the TOKEN trading area, the OKEx platform will trade the TOKEN trading volume of the ETH trading area and the OKB trading area with poor liquidity and trading volume. Perform the subtraction process. The OKEx platform will officially go offline at 12 o'clock on August 5, 2019. There are 32 TOKENs involved, including VIB, VITE, GNT, PPT, PAY, XAS, ZCO, DADI, R, LBA. , ITC, RNT, RFR, NAS, SOCBEC, THETA, EDO, ARK, DPY, PST, XUC, LET, BKX, YOU, SDA, HPB, KAN, ORS, WIN, UGC and CAI.