MixMarvel Shanghai CJ leads the chain to the new track, Star Trek theme party to dazzle the Huangpu River

At 19:30 on the evening of August 2, during the game festival ChinaJoy (CJ), the industry theme party co-sponsored by Contentchain, Cocos BCX and NEO (small ants) was held by the blockchain game global distribution platform MixMarvel in the 1862 Theater of Shanghai Shipyard. , attracted the attention of many viewers. At the event site that night, MixMarvel unveiled the platform for the first release of the game platform, the creation of the planet MarvelLand and two high-quality large-scale games – blockchain first-person shooter (FPS) game Jedi hunting and block chain sand The box strategy racing game ForceForFast, MixMarvel co-founder also showed off its core Layer-2 technology – the upgraded version of Rocket Protocol 2.0. In addition, MixMarvel also invited a number of industry elites to share the theme, from the underlying technology to the high-quality content to the distribution service, covering the essence of the blockchain game industry in all aspects, bringing the audience full of dry goods and winning the live array. Applause.