Wilderness universe application settled in the big pip shrimp joint layout virtual game new ecology

It is reported that the recent wild universe and DAPPX (Deep Phi Phi Shrimp) announced a deep strategic cooperation, the most valuable blockchain application of the wild universe officially settled in the large Phi Phi shrimp platform.


The Wild Universe is an application project dedicated to blockchain games and virtual world ecological construction. The blockchain game of the wild universe is a wild sandbox game with the prehistoric background and the survival of different galaxies. . Players can choose any planet to settle in, free to choose a career, collect, hunt and other activities, access resources, reclaim land, produce goods, build homes, and experience the magic of virtual and reality.


At the same time, the wild universe also provides ecological support for the most promising projects in the future through advanced blockchain concepts and advanced blockchain technologies. It cooperates with major blockchain platforms to open galaxies and build a virtual world ecosystem. "Galaxy" is the ontology of XGAME's virtual world ecology. It is mainly based on the blockchain game "The Wild Universe". It helps all kinds of third-party platforms to build galaxies, integrate platform resources, and jointly build a diversified, multi-functional, Multi-level, multi-flow virtual world ecology. At present, there are five major galaxy nodes: time galaxies (basic world), elemental galaxies (degree universe), tribal galaxies, BKBT galaxies (Coin Express) and AiLink galaxies (party play).


Phi Phi Shrimp is one of the world's largest Dapp market data and Dapp distribution platforms, mainly for users to solve the problem of how to enter the blockchain world, while providing developers with R&D-promotion-operation full-link services for millions of users. Link to the entrance to the blockchain world. You can find the wild age in the latest section of the big pip shrimp and start the game instantly.


The wild universe and DAPPX can achieve cooperation, and have a great relationship with the philosophy and products themselves.

Big Phi Phi Shrimp is the Dapp application distribution platform, the main game DApp section, the platform has a number of blockchain games settled in, the wild era as a sandbox game into the platform, the two sides of the "entertainment properties" fit very well.

The Wild Universe is dedicated to creating an application scenario that allows users to work in the virtual world of blockchains. By creating value through virtual labor, the Phi Phi Shrimp platform is also helping users to better enter the blockchain world. Both parties are indenting the distance between the user and the blockchain world in different forms, allowing more users to experience and experience the blockchain world, and the two are more conceptually compatible.

The two sides have joined forces to achieve in-depth cooperation, integrate blockchain cultural resources, jointly expand the vast blockchain game market, lay out virtual game ecology, and fully contribute to the development of blockchain games, helping to improve the quality of blockchain games in the long run. In view, the blockchain game will be the first to land, which will accelerate the landing of the entire blockchain.

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