The domain name provider fTLD Registry Services is considering prohibiting the registration of cryptocurrency services.

According to Mashable, fTLD Registry Services, which operates the new top-level domain extensions .bank and .insurance, is considering prohibiting cryptocurrency services from registering domain names. At the end of last month, the registry announced a proposed amendment to its registration eligibility policy. The fTLD also opened a public consultation period on the revision; it will last until August 24. Changes to the .bank Registrant Qualification Policy proposal will completely remove the "Service Provider" category. Only government-regulated retail banks are eligible to enter certain areas. The updated policy will also stipulate that non-bank financial institutions such as cryptocurrency or digital currency companies, P2P payment providers, transfer application companies, and microfinance and currency exchange companies, as well as payday lenders, will not be eligible to apply. .bank domain name. According to Heather Diaz, senior director of fTLD compliance and policy, .bank and .Insurance TLD service providers account for only 0.012% of the total number of registrations. In addition, the Registry has never approved a domain name application for a cryptocurrency company. “We have taken this initiative to further protect these trustworthy spaces.”