Ikigai Asset Management: BTC is likely to reach a record high in 2020

Ikigai Asset Management released its tenth monthly encryption and traditional market update report on Friday. Ikigai believes that the encryption industry can “fundamentally change the world and create trillions of dollars in value in the process.” The company is also firmly convinced that BTC is moving towards a record high after the second quarter of the rise. The smaller is likely to reach a record high in 2019, and is likely to reach a record high in 2020. Llkiga pointed out that the mainstream media's coverage of cryptocurrency has increased significantly; no currency has joined, or at least has shown greater interest in cryptocurrencies; the volume of transactions has soared. Ikigai also said that the bullish sentiment in the encryption market was partly driven by Facebook's Libra. The report provides an in-depth analysis of a range of indicators (hash rate, volume, chain activity, USDT issuance, short-term and long-term price movements), and Ikagai concludes that despite the current decline in bitcoin prices, Bitcoin remains Very bullish. The company said that the upcoming halving of bitcoin will give birth to a bigger bull market, pushing the bitcoin and encryption industries to record highs.