Analysis: The halving of Litecoin itself is not a positive catalyst for many people’s expectations.

According to BNN Bloomberg, the halving of the upcoming Litecoin was hailed as a catalyst to reduce future supply, which has caused prices to more than quadruple this year. But as the halving approached, investors became dissatisfied with the fourth-largest digital token, Liteco, which pulled it down 18% last month. Messari research director Eric Turner said, “In the bear market, many traders think that halving the Litecoin is a good fundamental transaction, so (the network) has become quite congested. Now halving will come, some investors will start to quit trading Halving is often included in the price, so halving itself is not a positive catalyst for many expectations.” Litecoin has a more fundamental problem: token developer activity has slowed. According to GitHub, the number of code contributions to Litecoin is the lowest since 2014. David Tawil, president of crypto hedge fund ProChain Capital, said, “People investing in Litecoin believe that these technological initiatives are not important enough and require more fundamental development. Although from a supply and demand perspective, these technical activities are meaningful in terms of circulation, etc. But in the final analysis, this storyline can only last for so long."