Analyst: The return on investment of the altcoin is not as good as the bitcoin

According to Bitcoinist, economist and crypt analyst Alex Krüger recently said that in his view, most altcoins have "turned into asymmetric bets, and the returns are not satisfactory. Because the altcoins have been performing when they fall. Less than Bitcoin, Bitcoin is only occasionally outperformed when it rises." This is consistent with Coin Metric's report released last week. The report pointed out that the data showed that in July, most of the altcoin fell more than 40%, while bitcoin only fell by 2%. EOS (-44%), Cosmos (-41%), and Cardano (-37%) are “obviously underperforming assets”. The report pointed out that geopolitical, macroeconomic and regulatory factors are the main factors affecting the price movements of Bitcoin and Ark. Coin Metric pointed out that the world's four central banks are on the verge of another monetary easing cycle. As real interest rates fall, the opportunity cost of holding non-return assets such as bitcoin will also fall.