In the chaos of the world, bitcoin "three steps" or will create a new record high?

Slip head thinking point

Not a short, not a long, only a slippery head. If you win, you can fight. If you don’t win, you can run. As a leek, we should never be against the trend. Hello everyone, I am an old slicker. This article is divided into two parts. The first part is "Skating Head Thinking Point". This is my reflection on hot events and market conditions. The second part is "Sliding Head Strength Index", which is my operability comment on some recent strong varieties and mainstream varieties, for your reference only.

Interested parties can look at some of the recent slippery articles, the bitcoin rebounding rhythm has not exceeded our deduction in recent days.

As the saying goes, the age of the world is a hero in chaos. The financial market is no exception. According to the traditional method of cents, a 60-year-old, a heavenly reincarnation, reciprocating, changes. As far as the current world financial system is concerned, the Bretton Woods system collapsed in 1972, a total of 47 years ago, and the collapse of the Bretton Woods system began with the collapse of the dollar, or the collapse of form.

Since 1972, the world has experienced five financial and economic crises, namely:

1973-1975: The economic crisis triggered by the oil crisis

1980s: Latin American debt crisis

1990s: Japan's bubble economy collapsed

1997-1998: Asian financial crisis

2007 to 2011: US subprime mortgage crisis and global financial crisis

Without professional research, it can be seen that the time period of each crisis is about 10 years, and no year has escaped. This year is 2019. Since last year, the phantom of the "crisis" has repeatedly appeared.

Controversy, from Taiwan to Hong Kong, everyone knows that the crisis is inevitable, so everyone wants to fight for more time and chips before the crisis sinks.

However, the dispute caused by the Trump administration has shaken the confidence of the world economy. The data shows that Sino-US investment has experienced a collapse. The data shows that the number of Chinese-funded M&A transactions in the first six months of 2019 There were 21 cases, down 53.33% year-on-year, of which 10 cases were disclosed. The total amount disclosed was US$ 2.34 billion, down 67.31% year-on-year, the lowest level since 2014.

On August 2, Beijing time, US President Trump announced the shameless declaration of a 10% tariff on Chinese goods worth US$300 billion from September 1st, allowing this dispute, which lasted more than a year, to be upgraded again. .

At the same time, on August 1, the Fed announced a rate cut, which is the first time in 10 years, although the ambiguous indication may not last (in fact, mainly do not want the market to guess, and the Fed is betting), but the market is clear Even the US president has not had such great confidence. Therefore, gold and bitcoin have risen sharply.

Let's review the price trend of gold from around 1972 to the present:

On November 18, 1967, the British pound depreciated for the second time after the war; on March 17, 1968, the "Golden Confluence" disintegrated.

On August 15, 1971, US President Nixon made a televised speech, closed the gold window, and stopped governments or central banks from holding dollars to exchange gold. The dollar is free from the jail of gold and floats freely in the foreign exchange market.

In 1972, the price of gold in the London market rose from $1 to $64.

In 1973, the price of gold broke through $100.

Then, despite the wilderness of the bulls and bears, but watching the big cycle, the price of gold is rampant.

It is already at $1,400.

If you stretch the time again, the price of gold is always in a bull market from the day it is discovered.

However, since 2009, as the best hazard variety in the troubled times, gold is not alone in the fight. He has a "alternative" for it. It is bitcoin. Although it is not yet, many people may not want to admit it, but in terms of attributes, it has the incomparable advantages of gold: 1. The exchange can even be extended to the whole universe. 2, easy to carry, storage. 3, the value is more scarce, the total amount is clearly fixed, although gold is also very rare, but at least not to find new sources.

Many people don't understand why Bitcoin can become digital gold, have a real world, and have a virtual Internet. Why can't you have a golden virtual product? As for how long it takes to reach the gold consensus, it is only a matter of time.

As the Lord Buddha said in the Diamond Sutra: "All kinds of dust, such as non-dust, is a name of dust. For example: the world, the world, is the world." All beings, not beings, are called all beings , gold, non-gold, is called gold.

From this point of view, Bitcoin as the "chaotic world", the most anticipated "hero", is likely to return to the king's subversion in the upcoming crisis.

Judging from the current situation, Bitcoin has returned to the peak of the king. Just like the line of "Let the Bullets Fly," the skater believes that it can be divided into three steps:

The first step: starting on August 1st, with the Fed's gift, Bitcoin quickly pulled through the key pressure of 10200, continued to fluctuate at 10,500, and forced the "small six sons", which is the short-selling short-selling of 9000-9500. Yesterday, 10650 first-line backhand "please", paralyzed short, from 10650, plummeted 300 knives, giving two short diamonds (eggs).

The second step: On August 3, the counterattack approached 11,000, and the real-time "killing chickens and taking eggs" action, and then repeatedly trapped the air, "re-visiting again", and finally killing the remaining forces of the bears.

The third step: August -? After repeated shocks, the implementation of the "dagger" action, eventually occupying 14,000 knives, the shorts "received as a dog." As shown below:

Slipper strength index

Bitcoin (BTC): as shown above. The daily line pressure is 11,000 knives, supporting 10,500 lines. In terms of strategy, the majority is low and cautiously short.

ETH (ETH): Very strong, break through 220, the upward pressure is on the 250 line, support 220, do more on dips, slippery strength index: ★★★★

Bit cash (BCH) 3, 4 days ago, I said in the forum that BCH is expected to break through 350 or even 380. Many people expressed great opinions. But today, I guess it is 400, and everyone has no opinion? Old point of view: support 330, pressure level 350, 380, 400.

It has always been a leading type of support, I think it can be focused.

Sliding head strength index: ★★★★★

Ruibo (XRP) is too weak to give up and give up. Sliding head strength index : None.

Grapefruit (EOS) Yesterday we said that its trend will have to wait for the BTC to break through, but BTC has already broken through. It will be weaker and will wake up. Now 4.3 is the first line, it is still the lower edge of the shock, and it is also a low-priced area. Strong attention, but operability seems to be no strong BCH.

Sliding head strength index : ★★★★

In the theory of Ether (ETC), the market breaks through, and it can also rise. It is the history of the artillery that it has been doing, and it is recommended to pay attention to the end of the rebound .

Sliding head strength index: ★★

The recent strong variety of Litecoin (LTC) , but the suspicion of excessive overdraft. However, as the market rebounds, it is also expected to break the probability of 100 to 120. Daily support: 95 line, pressure: 100 knives. Sliding head strength index : ★★★

Platform currency observation:

Coin Ancoin (BNB): There is a desire to rebound 32. After seeing the new high, the adjustment time is not enough. The pressure is 29 knives. Support: 27 knives, strong support: 24 knives. Sliding head strength index : ★ ★

Ham (HT) price high area, give up. Sliding head strength index : ★

OKB: Yesterday, according to expectations, a smooth breakthrough of 3 yuan, has entered the historical high area, to prevent falling back, to reduce the position is appropriate, pressure level 3.2, strong pressure level: 3.5. Sliding head strength index: ★

Summary of operation: long-term control, long and short, long-term thinking, the spot is preferred when the strong varieties do not break the pressure. After breaking through the pressure level, consider making up the variety.

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