Anhui cracked a network investment platform fraud case based on speculative bitcoin, and arrested 23 suspects

According to Xinhua News Agency, the reporter recently learned from the Public Security Bureau of Lai'an County, Anhui Province that the local police cracked a scam of a large-scale network investment platform and arrested 23 suspects, involving more than 10 million yuan. The gang defrauded other people's money on the grounds of speculating foreign exchange, US dollars and bitcoin. The funds involved were “money laundering” by “underground” third-party payment companies that provided illegal fund settlement services. The platform was maintained in Hebei, the agency was in Chongqing, and the server was erected. In Hong Kong, the core dens are hidden in places like Kaifeng, Sanmenxia and Weihe in Henan. At present, the relevant criminal suspects have been criminally detained according to law, and the case is being further investigated.