Opinion: Developers can enjoy five benefits by building blockchain games

According to The Block, developers can enjoy the following benefits when building blockchain games: 1. Emerging markets. For an indie developer or studio, perhaps the biggest obstacle is to stand out and attract the attention of the player, attracting the audience and building a community around the game. 2. Reduce costs. By building games in the blockchain, costs (publishing, server maintenance, player review) can be outsourced to miners or verifiers responsible for the propagation network. The release and dissemination of online games may be a zero-cost effort. 3. New development genre. Blockchain games have unique properties that can be used to create new and previously unknown game types. 4. Value creation. Blockchain gives developers more creative channels to make a profit. 5. Enhanced player community. Blockchain games connect developers to the "super player" community to provide more resources and investment for their games.