CoinDesk analyst: It is indeed possible to have a new reserve currency in the future but not a bitcoin

On August 3, CoinDesk analyst Noelle Acheson issued a message saying that there is a possibility of a new reserve currency in the future, but it will not be bitcoin. The reason for Noelle is: First, the global currency needs a flexible supply. Limiting the amount of gold a bank can hold is one of the main reasons why the gold standard does not work – economic growth exceeds the gold-backed money supply, and the inevitable competition for overcoming this restriction leads to instability. Second, Bitcoin does not become a general settlement token for trading contracts. It is too unstable. Although this trend should be weakened with the increase of liquidity, it is unlikely that companies and sovereign countries will give up their preference for legal currency because they have certain control over the legal currency. Noelle proposes two ideas for an international trade currency that demonstrates credibility and flexibility: a Libra-like model supported by a basket of currencies and government bonds. Another more likely model is the revised Special Drawing Rights (SDR).