CEO of CoinCorner: There will be more big companies issuing cryptocurrency "Wal-Mart" will not pose a threat to Bitcoin

According to Crypto Globe, August 3, Danny Scott, chief executive of CoinCorner, a UK-based bitcoin exchange, expects more so-called FAANG companies (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) to launch their own virtualization by 2020. Currency patent. Scott said: "After Facebook announced Libra in June, (Wal-Mart applied for a stable currency patent) the news is not surprising – in fact, we expect more FAANG companies to apply for patents for their cryptocurrency in the coming months. Scott also mentioned: "We still don't worry about the risk of 'Facebook coin', 'Walmart' or 'the next big coin' posing a threat to Bitcoin. No matter how big the name behind these currencies, as long as it still has A centralized authority with control is not a competitor to Bitcoin."