The report shows that the recovery of the encryption market in the first half of the year was largely driven by institutional funds.

According to, a study published by Coinshares shows that the total market value of cryptocurrencies has ranged from $250 billion to $300 billion over the past few weeks. The past six months can be seen as a positive for the encryption industry: “The continued professionalism of the protocol services and the corresponding technologies is impressive, and most assets have rebounded sharply from last year’s brutal bear market.” The report pointed out that speculation was taking place this time. The rise played a necessary role. The report also shows that “BTC’s retail interest is relatively tepid compared to 2017”, so the recovery in the first half of the year “is largely driven by the long-awaited institutional funding,” including Fidelity. Existing financial institutions such as Fidelity and Bakkt. In addition, in terms of industry compliance, the report also highlights Facebook's attempts to launch Libra and believes that even if the digital currency may be centralized, it may be beneficial.