Hot money has not flowed into the cryptocurrency market, and it will take time for the runaway

Recently, the cryptocurrency market has been warmly blown, and the Fed has also cut interest rates. However, the overall enthusiasm for participation in the market is not high, and there is no obvious sign of the volume of transactions, indicating that funds have not entered the cryptocurrency market.

Reminiscent of the recent sharp fall in the exchange rate, the US dollar index remains strong, indicating that money has not flowed to developing countries. Some of the money may go to gold. Most of the money may remain in the United States. Of course, this is what the United States hopes. LTC will tomorrow. If we cut production, we don’t know what impact it will have on the market. If the market interprets it as a good deal, will it cause panic selling?


BTC's trading volume may reflect a phenomenon in the current currency circle. The poor volume is pitiful, indicating that everyone is watching, there is not a lot of money to participate in the transaction, trading is light, and the sustainability may be limited. MACD Jinchao Up Rapid divergence, not yet into the long range above the zero axis, the currency price has entered the overbought area, there may be two trends:

One is to directly enlarge the Yangxian line to break through the pressure level near 11,000 US dollars to form a double bottom structure;

The other is still in the lower range of activities, mainly in the triangle shock or box shock, no directional choice, it is expected that in the near future, the support of the middle rail around $ 10,200 will not be broken and the quantity can keep up. Then, the subsequent high probability will be up to 11,000 US dollars.

Personally think that the pressure of 11,000 US dollars is difficult to break through, pay attention to the support of 10200 US dollars, the break will once again return to the support of 9,000 US dollars, pay attention to the risk, should pay close attention to whether LTC will have panic selling , if it appears, the BTC will also have negative impacts.


The trading volume of ETH is getting smaller and smaller, and it will soon be ushered in the direction after the amount of land. Now it is still under the pressure line of 225 US dollars. The macd indicator is weak in the region, and has not yet reached the strong area above the zero axis. Observe the important pressure level of the subsequent breakthrough of $225.

If not, personally think that the target will still consolidate within the range of 190-225 US dollars, can be low-suction near 190 US dollars, if the volume exceeds 225 US dollars to increase to 260 US dollars, once again fell below 5 antennas to lighten up, fell below 190 US dollars Take a look at the scene.


BCH is still in the rebound structure we expected before, breaking through the high point of the previous rebound, but the volume of the match is not ideal and has been picked back. There is no volume in the whole rebound. At present, the target has been running up along the 5 antennas. Vigilance should be raised, vigilance against the possibility of downsizing and violent escalation at any time, if there is a rapid downsizing should pay attention to leave, the rebound may end.

If there is a violent rise, the individual thinks it is also a good time to lighten up the position, because the main force will not borrow chips at the top, but buy it and buy it underneath. The sudden heavy volume is not a good phenomenon. Unless it is an important pressure level, the heavy volume is to lighten up. .


BNB rebound is blocked by 20 antennas. It has already fallen below 5 antennas. We do not deny the long-term value of the target. However, we are not optimistic about the trend for the next period of time. At most, we will re-pump 60 antennas and will continue to Under the run, the moving average system remains short.

The macd indicator is glued after repeated repeated golden crosses in the weak area. There is no divergence direction. The indicator has a strong pointing meaning above the zero axis. If the target directly returns 60 antennas and makes the 60 antenna head up, Continue to see more.

Personally, the low point of $24 cannot be effectively supported, and will continue to test. The next support level is around $21, paying attention to risks.

The author's point of view is only used for learning communication, not as an investment recommendation, and does not constitute an investment basis!