The analysis showed that the BSV successfully carried out the planned stress test, and BitMEX Research monitored the abnormality as a stress test.

On August 4th, Slow Mist Technology said that it was announced yesterday that BitMEX Research issued a statement that "based on 420 BSV nodes, these nodes are currently at different chain and block heights: currently 65%; 17% cards are at 210MB. On the data block; 19% is on the hard-forked chain of the old reservation. In addition, since the hard fork on July 24, the original chain has been extended by 52 blocks, and then communicated with the BSV community members to know, This is a planned stress test. Slow fog tells the chain. Objectively speaking, this is a successful pressure test. The pressure test lasted for about 2 hours (20:00 ~ 23:00), did not cause the block to roll back, and did not affect the normal transaction. The slow fog team said that this pressure test has not received any abnormal feedback from the major exchanges. Compared with the last BSV pressure reaction in April, this time is more moderate, "see the whole BSV. Ecology has a positive attitude towards this pressure test." The cosine founder of Slow Fog said, "The development of the main chain of the public chain must be the evolution of evolution. This will increase the performance requirements of all aspects of the nodes accessing the main network. The general trend is the same. Of course, if the nodes are This can't keep up. In the short term, it will cause some instability problems. But in the long run, if this is a value public chain, these nodes will keep up. Pressure measurement is a very interesting and meaningful thing. Anyone can do it, including the evildoer. This is a fact that no chain can escape. The pressure measurement is a very positive thing for the evolution of the main network, even if this process may bring some unexpected troubles." Stress test report See: