Analyst: Bitcoin has broken SetUp trend & moving average daily resistance, forecasting bullishness in the next 5 days

After analyzing the trend of Bitcoin in recent days, cryptocurrency analyst Tone Vays said that Bitcoin has just exceeded the daily resistance of the "SetUp (sic) trend and moving average. Vays on the YouTube live video in the bitcoin price The above assertion was made after the analysis. He claimed that according to the 12-hour chart, the previous reversal of Bitcoin did not last for a long time, and then there was an upward trend. Vays said that the daily chart of Bitcoin at the close of the week The performance is beyond his expectation, because the Bitcoin weekly chart has not been bullish since the last 21 days, but is neutral. However, since Bitcoin has been able to break the SetUp trend & 50 moving average – $10,700, he is optimistic Bitcoin's trend in the next 5 days.