Cai Weide: Wal-Mart's release of the stable currency is more than Libra, which will make the US dollar pervasive.

On August 2, the USPTO patent document showed that retail giant Wal-Mart is exploring the launch of a digital currency linked to the regular currency, similar to Facebook's digital currency Libra, which means they may A stable currency linked to fiat money will be issued. In this regard, Cai Weide said that Wal-Mart evaded Libra's questions questioned by the US Congress: such as a basket of currencies, registration in Switzerland. Wal-Mart smartly chooses the digital currency to be pegged to the US dollar, and should not be registered elsewhere, and its success rate will be greater. If Wal-Mart's stable currency is on the line, it will almost make the dollar pervasive.