Slow fog cosine: Pressure measurement is a very interesting and meaningful thing, which has a positive effect on the evolution of the main network.

For the BSV network, 210MB blocks appeared last night. The slow fog cosine sent that the development of the public network of the public chain must be an evolutionary development. The performance requirements for all aspects of the nodes accessing the main network will be higher and higher. This is the trend. Of course, if the node can't keep up with this, it will cause some instability problems in the short term, but in the long run, if this is a value public chain, these nodes will keep up. Pressure measurement is a very interesting and meaningful thing that anyone can do, including the evildoer. This is a fact that no chain can escape. The pressure measurement is a very positive thing for the evolution of the main network, even if this process It may bring some unexpected troubles. This morning, the slow fog team once evaluated the BSV internal test event. Objectively speaking, this is a successful pressure test. The pressure test lasted for about 2 hours (2000~23:00), and did not cause the block to roll back. Affect normal trading. For this pressure test, we have not received any abnormal feedback from the major exchanges in cooperation. Compared with the previous BSV “pressure test” reaction in April, this time it is much milder. It can be seen that the entire BSV ecology has a positive attitude towards this “pressure test”.