Wei Kai, China's Xintong Institute: To solve the phenomenon of “fragmentation” and “islanding” of blockchain platforms, it is necessary to standardize the construction of blockchains.

Wei Kai, deputy director of the China Institute of Information and Communication Research, said that blockchain technology can not only promote the development of the banking industry, but also bring about many other industries, such as manufacturing, transportation, medical care, government, management, etc. benefit. The key is to change the way trust is built and increase transparency. In this respect, the cost of blockchain technology is relatively low. To solve these difficulties (the “fragmentation” and “islandization” of blockchain platforms), blockchain standardization needs to be built. For example, in the technical field, it is first necessary to define the blockchain technology in a unified manner. In terms of blockchain architecture, the current research shows that due to inconsistent design methods, it is still difficult to establish a unified agreement. In the early stages of technology development, the establishment of technical standards may hinder technological innovation.