Iran publicly regulates new rules for cryptocurrency market

On August 4th, a bill approved and announced by the Iranian cabinet stated that the government would not recognize that any trade activity in Iran using cryptocurrencies is legal. The bill shows that the government and the banking system will not treat digital currencies as legitimate bids, and the Iranian central bank will not guarantee their value. However, the bill states that under certain conditions, digital currency mining is allowed in Iran, including if the miners are approved by the Iranian Ministry of Industry, not to be mined within 30 km of all provincial centers, but the capital Tehran, the central city of Iss Except for Fahan, these places apply more restrictive restrictions. These miners are subject to the rules established by the Iranian Standards and Communications Department for mining machines and pay a fee for the energy used to mine these currencies. The mine will be taxed as an industrial manufacturing unit unless they return the funds obtained from the digital currency export to Iran's economic cycle. If a foreigner wants to establish an underground mining site in a special economic zone, the Iranian Ministry of Industry will have the power to delegate authority to the relevant departments of the special economic zone.