American Chamber of Commerce Julie Stitzel: The United States must think differently about how to apply existing regulations to digital assets

On August 5th, Julie Stitzel, vice president of the American Chamber of Commerce Capital Market Competitiveness Center, said that the history of the US adoption and revision of the legal framework in the financial sector has led to a strong regulatory structure that stabilizes the market and effectively manages risks. Although the digital asset market is still in its infancy, there are risks and concerns that the United States may be lagging behind – missing out on opportunities to use innovation to foster innovation, create jobs and grow the economy. As the world's largest economy, the United States must think differently about how existing regulatory principles can be applied to digital assets—including cryptocurrencies. The proper classification of digital assets and the identification of federal entities with the authority to monitor and supervise digital assets is a way to provide innovators with regulatory clarity and a signal that the United States is leading the way in digital assets.