The Thai Anti-Money Laundering Office is considering modifying the legal supervision of money laundering involving cryptocurrencies

On August 5th, the Thai Anti-Money Laundering Office (Amlo) Acting Secretary Preecha Charoensahayanon said that cryptocurrency is a new challenge facing the Anti-Money Laundering Office. "This will be a new money laundering tool." He believes that suspects will increasingly convert their money into digital currencies such as bitcoin, because this virtual form will make it more difficult for authorities to track their financial transactions. “That’s why we are revising the law to prepare for new online tasks.” He will focus first on the Anti-Money Laundering Act, hoping to add a section that requires cryptocurrency service providers to report activities to the office. This will enable Amlo officials to track changes in the form of money. He said that if they need to track the funding activities on the Internet platform, this information is crucial. Changes in the law are in line with the international standards that regulate these service providers and require them to scrutinize customer behavior and report irregular transactions to the authorities. He believes that "we must be prepared for this", he refers to the need to keep up with the high-tech manufacturing and management of digital currency.