MasterCard is hiring a corresponding encryption technology position to focus on the field of encrypted wallets

On August 5th, according to the announcement of the international payment system company Mastercard, the company is seeking to fill the gaps in three senior positions to lead the work in the field of cryptocurrency, with emphasis on payment and wallet solutions. Job vacancies include two directors, "Product Development and Innovation – Blockchain Solution Architect" and "Product Management – Cryptographic Currency/Wallet" and a Vice President of Blockchain Product Management. Based on job descriptions, new employees will “work with a cross-functional team, including franchising, compliance, regulation, products, laboratories, regions, and technologies to develop new products and solutions.” It is worth noting that two of the job descriptions also mention “wallet solutions”, especially as part of the blockchain project that these new employees are expected to lead. These two positions also require candidates to have experience managing cryptocurrency wallet products. It's unclear what these wallet solutions will look like. However, MasterCard's recent partnership with Facebook may offer it a new opportunity to collaborate or build its own cryptocurrency wallet.