Opinion: Libra's vision of providing financial services to the poor is unrealistic due to the size of foreign exchange reserves.

On August 5th, researcher Chen Bingcai, an academic member of the International Finance Forum, said in an interview with the Financial Times that Libra could not provide cross-border financial services for everyone. Since non-reserve currencies are not freely convertible, consumers or traders in non-reserve currency countries are inevitably affected by the size of their foreign exchange reserves, and it is impossible to fully realize free cross-border, and it is impossible for the local currency to exist. The size of Libra's digital currency purchases and transactions is limited by the size of the foreign exchange reserves of the countries in which the companies, individuals and institutions are located, and is bound to be limited by the size of Libra's assets. The conversion of non-Libra assets into Libra assets is very difficult and must be in reserve currency. The idea of ​​providing financial services to the poor and to all people (in fact, countries and enterprises and individuals that lack sufficient reserve money) must be a fantasy, because all purchases and transactions are demanding and purchasing power, lacking enough Countries, enterprises and individuals with foreign exchange reserve currencies cannot cross-border online purchases and transactions. This shows that Libra can provide everyone with the convenience of domestic currency financial services, but it is impossible to provide cross-border financial services for everyone.