Media: ThunderCore partner Elaine left the team, investors questioned the team to conceal the news

On the morning of August 5th, the ThunderCore English Community Telegraph Group and the Chinese WeChat Group Administrator announced that ThunderCore co-founder and technology core Dr. ElaineShi did not continue to sign the contract after the end of the two-year contract. Some investors in the community said that the project team had already known this and had concealed it, and that the project side had "sneaked a slap." Remarks: According to the Bituniverse data query, the current ThunderCore Token (TT) token price is US$0.006, which is close to 80% compared with the decrease of US$0.029 in May this year. The decline in the most recent week is 22.93%. . It is understood that ThunderCore private equity first round of 0.01 US dollars, the second round of 0.02 US dollars, the third round of 0.1 US dollars. The third round of private placement investors and secondary market investors may have suffered a lot of losses in the investment of this project.