Circle Research: Discussion on the Ethereum proposal EIP-2025 is important and healthy

On August 5th, Circle Research released a report on the recent Ethereum core developer's discussion on EIP-2025. Core developers and Ethereum supporters have engaged in a heated debate on the use of a block model for the block rewards. Supporters are mainly among the camps that will benefit from this funding, and the proportion that opposes the plan is even greater. According to the report, the main criticisms of the proposal are “changing the complexity of existing issuance policies” and “creating the danger of untested precedents”. Ethereum users are concerned that this policy may lead to controversial hard forks. However, Ethereum users have adapted to the funding needs of sustainable development. “Despite opposing the increase in issuance to fund a one-time effort, most of the participants in the discussion agreed that, in addition to the funds provided by the Ethereum Foundation, investment in Ethereum R&D is critical to long-term sustainability.” Although Ethereum The Foundation has outlined plans to spend $30 million over the next 12 months ($9 million will be used for current ETH 1.x iterations), but the cryptocurrency ecosystem requires a clearly defined future financing model. According to the report, “We are not sure if EIP-2025 is technically sound, but it raises an important, arguably healthy discussion on the introduction of this form of funding outside the community/network genes. The challenge."