Shenyu analyzes the halving of LTC: 30% of mainstream mines are expected to shut down, and some mines wait and see

The founder of the F2Pool fish pond, the mermaid, made the following analysis for the halving of the Litecoin:
1. At present, the mainstream mining machine of LTC is the ant's L3+ series, including L3+ and L3++. Therefore, if the output is halved, the mainstream mining machine will have a great impact. It is expected that 2-3% of the mainstream mines will be shut down; 2. Miners To calculate the cost, pay attention to the price and do a good job of cashing. After about half a day of production cut, the difficulty of mining is over, and the cost and benefits of the miners will have clear results. The miners can clearly see if the L3+ can still be dug. During this period, some miners should choose to wait and see, and wait until the results are clear before making a decision;
3. In terms of price, this is a normal production cut in half, and the price trend is unpredictable in the short term.