Wright halved, mining machine washing, the whole network computing power is expected to be reduced by 20% -30%

Finally, the Wright currency annual drama is about to be staged.

According to the latest data from Litecoinblockhalf (https://www.litecoinblockhalf.com/), according to the current block rate, the Litercoin halved time is around 6:21 pm on August 5, 2019.

This means that the profit of the Litecoin mining is directly reduced by half, and a batch of Litecoin mining machines will temporarily bid farewell to the stage, unless the price of Litecoin rises gratifyingly. As for how the price of the currency goes, it is very difficult to judge.

As the mining machine washes, the pre-calculation power will be reduced by 20%-30%.

The Litecoin is derived from Bitcoin. According to the pre-set, it also has a mining output halved. The halving period is 84,000 blocks, and the halving period is about 4 years according to the mechanism of one block every 2.5 minutes.

In August 2015, Litecoin was halved for the first time. On August 5, 2019 (block height 244220) around 6:21 pm, Litecoin will halve for the second time.

After halving, the mining output of each block of Litecoin will change from 25 to 12.5. Its annual inflation rate will fall from 8.7% to 4.26%. Incidentally, the production of Litecoin has reached 75%.

What does this mean for mining? Look at a picture.

New mining machine ▲Data comes from the coin printing pool

It can be seen that the current daily net profit of the core A6+ mining machine is the highest, about 33.24 yuan. The core A4 has reached the price of the shutdown. The ant L3+ series has entered the ghost gate with one foot, and the daily net profit is around 5.25 yuan.

We assume that the price of Litecoin is unchanged, and the factors such as the optimization of the mining machine and the difficulty adjustment after the reduction of the calculation power are excluded, and the cost of the 0.25 yuan of electricity in the wet period is calculated as a halving.

The core net A6+ net income was 10.3 yuan, and the Jinbei mining machine X6 was 7.3 yuan. The ant mining machine L5 is 6.8 yuan. The electricity costs of the above three mining machines are less than 30%. The mining machine behind it is rather miserable. Especially for these, the net income of ants L3++ is -0.455 yuan, and the ant L3+ is -0.315 yuan. From the static data, the ant mining machine L3 series will be wiped out.

Fish pond (F2Pool) founder Shenyu introduced, the current market mainstream is L3 + overclocking version, after halving will be eliminated a lot of L3 +, it is estimated that the overall elimination of the computing power will account for 20% -30% of the entire network.

After calculation, the founder of the WTC mine, BTC.TOP, Jiang Zonger believes that after the halving, the mechanical and electrical expenses of the Litecoin mine will be down at 0.26 yuan. These shut-down machines either migrate to low-cost locations or sell them directly.

However, once the mining machinery, the overall network computing power declines, after the difficulty adjustment, the unit revenue will rise again, Jiang Zhuoer said that the income increased by 20%, the electricity fee of 0.3 yuan in the mining machine can be on the job again. The sacred fish called this competition "the game between stocks and mines."

Shenyu also believes that miners should calculate the cost and pay attention to the price to do the cash-holding. After about half a day of production cut, the difficulty of mining is over, and the cost and benefits of the miners will have clear results. The miners can clearly see if the L3+ can still be dug. During this period, some miners should choose to wait and see, and wait until the results are clear before making a decision.

As can be seen from the above table, the new mining machine has high computing power, low electricity cost ratio and strong competitiveness. Of course, the price of the machine is naturally high. A replacement between the old and new mining machines is being staged.

Feng Yin, a researcher at the Coin Printing Industry, told Babbitt that before the arrival of the flood season, a large number of people who bought the Wright coin mine at 200-300 yuan (the old mining machine) had already recovered the cost and got a good profit. “For mining, relatively advanced mining machines allow miners to maintain cash flow while in a bear market, but for investment decisions and behaviors, it is largely a matter of luck, because almost no one can predict the price of the currency.”

Halved = To The Moon?

Several Yangxian lines changed to three views, and the "spicy bar eighty" ringed the coin. On January 1, 2019, the price of Litecoin was $30. After that, Litecoin began to rise wildly, up to $138. After that, it was adjusted back with the broader market. The current price is $94. Counting, Litecoin has risen about three times this year, and it still has a double increase. Ranked 5th in the market for digital currency market capitalization.

Litecoin has only experienced a block halving in history. Before that, the price of Wright began to rise in the first three months after halving. After the block reward was halved, the price began to fall.

This time, will history repeat itself?

Previously, Babbitt wrote an article, and the following views are popular in the market.

First, the reduction in production will change the market supply of Litecoin. Assuming that the growth rate of demand will remain the same, market speculation and FOM sentiment will increase demand. Once the growth rate of supply declines, the price will rise theoretically. Second, the positive has been cashed in advance, and the good news is bad. Third, the cryptocurrency ushered in the Mavericks, halving expectations and the future is expected. Fourth, how to get the Litecoin still depends on the "face" of Bitcoin, and the correlation of digital currency is getting stronger and stronger.

The currency cow Niu CEO Huang Jin told Babbitt not to make predictions on the short-term market, and there are many factors affecting the short-term market.

How does the Lite currency halve and how does the computing power change? Is the price ushered in a waterfall or To The Moon? These are hard to predict, and the market is coming out. You may be able to understand this time next year. This time is not a repeat of history.